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Waterproof works mainly include bathroom, kitchen, balcony and other areas prone to moisture. For this common sense of decoration, the vast majority of owners understand. However, the owners are confused about how to do it and what should be paid attention to in the waterproof treatment project in each area. How to do waterproof decoration? The following Xiaobian will take these three key areas that need waterproof treatment as an example to illustrate the different waterproof practices in different areas

I. bathroom decoration and waterproof works

1. Generally, the base course is cleaned carefully to remove floating dust, cement caking and loose base course; Special treatment shall be carried out for the pipe root, drainage hole, internal and external corners, holes left after the water and electricity renovation of the wall, and the internal and external corners shall be plastered into a circular arc (or V-shaped)

2. Before proportioning construction, you need to know how to proportioning waterproof paint and know the proportion of proportioning. If it is not proportioned, the prepared waterproof coating may not achieve the original effect

3. Brushing method: the waterproof coating is applied from bottom to top, first on the wall and then on the ground. The interval between the first and second brushing should be about 4-8 hours. After painting, the previous waterproof layer is painted on the premise that it is not sticky, and the two times of painting are cross

4. Waterproof paint with different brushing times may be brushed twice to three times

5. Painting height: the waterproof height of shower wall in bathroom is 180cm, and the waterproof coating of non shower wall cannot be less than 30cm in principle. However, in order to strengthen the waterproof effect, it is suggested to achieve a unified height of 180cm; For the light body wall reconstructed in the bathroom or self built light body wall, it is recommended that the waterproof height should be at the top

6. The thickness of waterproof paint must be 1.5mm thick according to the national acceptance specification

key waterproof parts of bathroom:

floor drain, small water pipe and floor connection, toilet pipe and other parts are often the places where the toilet is most prone to water leakage. During construction, these parts need to be mainly treated. Generally, other parts need to be painted twice, and here it needs to be painted many times; In addition, more leakage occurs under the door stone. During construction, a zone must be made under the lintel in advance, and the waterproof must be rolled over the zone, so as to form a basin shape and form the function of water storage and retaining

II. Kitchen decoration waterproof engineering

1 Before kitchen decoration, carefully check whether there is leakage in the kitchen on the first floor upstairs. If there is, you should first make the waterproof works on the upstairs well before decoration

2. When decorating the kitchen, if the original wall and floor tiles are knocked out and redecorated, regardless of whether the original waterproof layer has been made, the waterproof layer should be redone before re pasting the wall and floor tiles. The waterproof layer of the surrounding side walls is 200mm high, and the waterproof layer should be able to spray all parts that can be sprayed by the shower

3. Waterproof treatment when the kitchen is not decorated: if there is no waterproof layer originally, a waterproof layer shall be added according to the above method; If the waterproof layer has been made previously, it should be carefully checked to see whether the waterproof layer is in place and whether it is damaged, otherwise it should be repaired. After the repair, the water injection test takes no leakage and humidity of the downstairs and surrounding walls as the qualification standard

4. After the decoration of wet parts of the kitchen is completed, the ground elevation should be lower than that of the hall or corridor. Stone materials that are not afraid of water should be installed at the kitchen door opening, and waterproof treatment should be done at its root to strictly prevent water from seeping from the door opening to the living room

III. balcony decoration waterproof engineering

1. Balcony door and window waterproof: the waterproof of balcony window, first of all, we should pay attention to the quality of doors and windows, with good sealing. If your balcony has no windows at all, or the waterproof of your balcony window is not good, then it's the second waterproof line

2. Waterproof of balcony ground: the first thing to waterproof the balcony ground is to ensure that the ground has a slope. The second is to ensure that there is a height difference of at least two or three centimeters between the balcony and the living room. It is actually difficult to achieve such a height difference, because the height difference inside the building may be only about 1 cm. At this time, you can use a marble board for decoration, which is both practical and beautiful. Of course, both ends and the bottom of the slate should be caulked with cement to prevent leakage

3. Balcony floor drain waterproofing: in rainy days and typhoons, when the rainfall is greater than the drainage capacity of the floor drain, it is possible to form ponding on the balcony ground. When the water volume is too large, it is possible to overflow the waterproof frame of the sliding door and enter the room. This is unlikely to happen, but it does exist, so we should always keep the balcony floor drain unblocked

4: waterproofing works of other spaces in home decoration

generally speaking, waterproofing of bathroom, kitchen and balcony is the key waterproofing works in home decoration. However, there are other special areas in the home that need waterproof treatment. For example, in the basement of some villas and the first floor area of some residential houses, the general practice is to brush a layer of waterproof slurry before finishing construction. In addition, for some families who install floor heating, waterproof engineering is also indispensable. Because of the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor in winter, the geothermal pipeline near the door and window is very easy to produce condensate, which penetrates into the concrete structure below. Therefore, before laying the floor heating pipeline, it is necessary to brush the waterproof coating first, then make the leveling layer, the floor heating moisturizing layer, and then lay the floor heating pipeline




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