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Door and window shopping malls continue to improve. More and more consumers not only pay attention to product price, quality and after-sales service, but also pay more attention to brand awareness and business reputation when purchasing door and window products. If the enterprise still stays in the operation concept of the seller's Mall in the past, it will be in a bad position in the mall competition, and even be mercilessly screened by the mall, and the door and window profession will enter the era of brand marketing

competition to improve brand concept high-end shopping malls

China has become the leader of global door and window consumer malls. The functions and quality of many domestic door and window brands have reached or even surpassed foreign brands, but foreign door and window brands almost monopolize China's high-end door and window malls with strong financial strength and high brand popularity. In addition to historical reasons, the weak brand awareness of domestic enterprises is an important reason for this situation

many enterprise bosses have shown that "low-end price, high-end quality" is their current operating philosophy. Some door and window enterprises make full use of promotional techniques to attract consumers' desire to buy. Therefore, since the second quarter of this year, the door and window industry has been fighting a price war, which has become increasingly fierce, and even presented a rare low price of 499 yuan. This price is obviously lower than the production cost, but the brand is not equal to the sales volume

there are some misunderstandings in the door and window profession: equate enterprises with brands. In reality, the brand is an energy industry that can be independent of the factory. It can be attributed to you or others. Many enterprises mistakenly think that with good products and big factories, there are big brands, and they invest most of their resources in detailed things, rather than invest in brand marketing

find the right positioning precise marketing

brand is not only a useful thing for enterprise competition, but also a thing and carrier to complete enterprise value. It is not optional, but a necessary choice. Positioning is not only the primary issue of brand operation, but also the strategic issue of enterprise development in the future. Reality shows that there has never been an all inclusive enterprise or an all inclusive brand. In the era of numerous information and products, only brands with accurate positioning can be recognized and selected by consumers

by discussing international brands and referring to the format of current shopping malls, there will be several trends in the development of China's door and window industry in the future: first, there will be a few "comprehensive door and window brands", second, there will be "professional brands", and third, there will be "personalized door and window brands"





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