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The annual China Construction Expo has become a major event in the industry. It is not only the exchange place of industry information, but also the publishing place of popular trends

the annual China Construction Expo has become a major event in the industry. It is not only the exchange place of industry information, but also the publishing place of popular trends. From July 8 to 11, the Convention and Exhibition Center in Pazhou, Guangzhou will again welcome this grand event. The highly creative "crystal box" concept exhibition hall will shine on the stage. From trend release to design leadership, the high-end top wall of character will become the most concerned brand in the China Construction Expo

Zhen design, together with furniture today, launched the roof wall Research Association

from integrated ceiling to integrated roof wall, is not only a combination of categories, but also another innovation from design and construction to use scenes. Character's research on the top wall will greatly promote the progress of the industry. The high-end top wall of character will officially establish the first national top wall industry research association under the joint witness of colleagues in the industry and the media, in conjunction with the American Furniture Today magazine

Furniture Today magazine, founded in 1976, is a world-famous authoritative media in the furniture industry and is selected as one of the 50 most influential magazines in the United States. As a leader in the domestic integrated home furnishing industry, character ranks first in the industry in terms of product innovation, quality leadership and brand reputation. This strong alliance is also the first time that the building materials industry, especially the integrated roof wall industry, cooperates with internationally renowned industry media, which will bring more cognitive improvement and thinking collision to the industry

to the future, the top wall strategy has been released together

in recent years, character has always maintained good interaction with the design community. From teaming up with Netease home "dream space" to create a network program of home decoration transformation and upgrading, designers are invited to transform homes for ordinary consumers; To cooperate with sina home to "dream home" designer forum, committed to the deep integration of design and industry; And then to the cooperation with the real estate channel of Guangdong TV station "home transformation". From online to offline, character always adheres to the continuous integration of home design and product concept

during the China Construction Expo, character will also work together with many parties to carry out a series of activities and continue to maintain close interaction with the design community

witnessed by design masters and industry media, the new character strategy conference will also be held at the same time. From integrated ceiling to integrated roof wall, what kind of surprise will character integrated home bring to consumers? The scene will reveal it for you one by one

one room, one space, high-end character, top wall, follow the trend

leading beauty can lead the market. Character has made a brilliant appearance in all previous exhibitions, and this time is no exception. The "crystal box" concept exhibition hall, as a direct embodiment of the character "one room, one space" to improve the quality of life and advocate the concept of high-quality life, will perfectly present the high-end effect of the integrated decoration of the character top wall. Meet the new consumer groups' pursuit of home decoration, customization, fast loading, environmental protection, light luxury, and meet the new consumer groups' longing for fashionable living space. The whole character exhibition hall, like a crystal palace, stands out among many brands and shines brightly

in fact, the market scale of the whole roof wall has exceeded 250billion. From high-end full roof to high-end roof wall, the character is leading to a larger market with nearly 20 years of technology, process accumulation, product innovation and design. The integrated top wall industry will also go further because of the addition of character, and consumers will also enjoy better products and services because of the addition of character




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