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[] Nowadays, the number one environmental protection problem in the home decoration industry is still material pollution. In the blacklist of products frequently exposed in news reports, home decoration materials can always occupy several seats, and non environmental friendly home decoration materials can be found everywhere in the market: wall paint with excessive benzene, floors with peculiar smell, radiant tiles, furniture with excessive formaldehyde, even well-known products can not escape the environmental protection stain. 1、 Carpentry materials are shoddy. Blockboard is divided into E0, E1 and E2 levels according to the limit of harmful substances. Only E0 and E1 grades can be used for home decoration, and the formaldehyde content of E2 grade can be more than 3 times that of E1 grade. Illegal building materials manufacturers will use E2 level to pretend to be E0 level, passing inferior goods off as good. In addition, there is no Grade 3A in the national standard, and this kind of marking is no longer allowed in the market at present. 2、 Illegal material dealers look for substitutes, and new pollutants appear. When a material is found to be seriously polluted by formaldehyde and banned by the state, the illegal material chamber of Commerce will look for alternatives. Although the formaldehyde content of substitutes meets the national standard, benzene and tovc will exceed the standard. 3、 Furniture materials are not environmentally friendly. At present, the inspection of furniture in our country adopts the method of sending for inspection, so illegal businesses have an opportunity to take advantage of it. Moreover, some furniture is destructive testing, such as a cabinet, only a piece of wood is cut for testing, so it is not representative. 4、 Consumers are obsessed with low prices. Some consumers buy low-cost products in informal markets in order to save the cost of home decoration. Small money is saved, but at the expense of their own health. In fact, taking the decoration area of 100 square meters as an example, the difference between using and not using environmental protection materials is 5000-6000 yuan. Resources are becoming less and less, and solid wood materials are becoming more and more expensive. A few years ago, solid wood flooring, which sold for 100 yuan/square meter, has now been sold for 400 yuan/square meter. Therefore, composite materials are widely used, and composite materials are precisely the most prone to pollution. To avoid pollution, we must first clarify the subject of power and responsibility. Many consumers like to choose half package, but this way has found an excuse for home decoration companies to shirk their responsibilities. It is difficult to complain, obtain evidence and solve the environmental protection problems of home decoration. Therefore, consumers might as well choose all inclusive, and any problems will be solved and compensated by the home decoration company. In addition, when signing a contract with a home decoration company, the owners must be more careful, try to specify the terms of the contract and write down the solutions to problems, so as to protect their rights and interests. If consumers insist on buying materials by themselves, they must go to regular businesses to buy them. At the same time, they can ask manufacturers to provide factory certificates and batch test reports. Of course, the simplest way to protect the environment is to open windows for ventilation after the completion of home decoration. If possible, it is best to ventilate for 2-3 months before moving in





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