There are also hidden rules for wood floor promoti

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There are also "hidden rules" for wood floor promotion of the anti fraud Bureau in the peak decoration season

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“ Credit deficiency syndrome ” The ineffective cost in market transactions has accounted for 10% to 20% of China's GDP, and the direct and indirect economic losses are as high as 585.5 billion yuan per year. Lack of integrity is also a bottleneck in the development of wood flooring industry

a few years ago, wood flooring was very popular because of the repeated hype of many concept foam, but it didn't last long. In recent years, there have been more and more complaints about wood flooring. At present, the consumption market of wood flooring is still immature, and individual phenomena of hyping concepts or exaggerating data to deceive consumers occur from time to time. It is going to be the peak decoration season, and the low-cost promotion of the wood flooring industry will explode again. If you have a need to buy wood flooring recently, you have to make up your lessons first to see what consumption traps there are in the wood flooring industry

there are many pitfalls in the wood flooring industry.

pitfall 1: “ Fake import ”. Some brands are called “ 100% imported ” Under the guise of foreign propaganda, in fact, only a small part of imports, most of which are produced with domestic materials and technologies

trap 2: “ Fake wear-resistant revolution ”. The business falsifies the data of the wear-resistant revolution of the floor, claiming that the wear-resistant revolution of the floor reaches 20000. The wear-resistant revolution is in accordance with the national standard, household floor ≥ 6000 rpm, commercial floor ≥ 9000 turns is qualified. At the same time, the higher the number of revolutions, the more brittle, the greater the hardness, and the smaller the toughness

trap 3: “ Exaggerate the function ”. It is said that the floor has antibacterial, geothermal glue free, waterproof, antistatic and other functions, making consumers like “ See flowers in the fog &rdquo

trap 4: “ False environmental protection ”. When choosing flooring, many people regard non-toxic, harmless, healthy and environmental protection as their first choice. Terms related to environmental protection in the flooring industry, such as E1 level and E0 level, emerge in endlessly, and even play “ Formaldehyde free floor ” Flag of. In fact, in the production process of the floor, in order to ensure the bonding strength and wear resistance of the floor, most cities use adhesives or paints containing more or less formaldehyde. The key is to ensure that the floor and its supporting accessories are all environmentally friendly, so as to avoid the cumulative content of formaldehyde causing harm to human health. The national standard for free formaldehyde in wood flooring is less than 1.5 mg/L





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