The double feather wooden door has never been tire

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Shuangyu, let you face the wooden door. From the first sight of love everywhere for a long time. Give you the best warmth at home and the longest loving company

passing the world

stop at the "door" for me

three minutes of heat

love new things

but only three minutes of heat

we lack patience

and the courage to stay together for a long time

this is true for people and things

the joy of meeting at first sight

the so-called joy of meeting at first sight, It's almost like love at first sight

it's the intention of seeing "color" when fate comes

just a touch of intensity can hit the heart

color forms the soul of the world

inject fresh vitality into things

Shuangyu uses color to give new imagination to life

only one glance, You can indulge in it for a long time

every color

carries an ingenuity

it tells people with the length of time and years

, The classic

and the beauty life that belongs to home alone

are like the collision of black and white

will always be the favorite of the fashion industry

love is the joy of meeting at first sight

love is the joy of staying for a long time

don't let care and companionship become disturbance

the warmth of home becomes your salvation

double feathers, so that you can never get tired of wooden doors

from the joy of meeting at first sight

give the best warmth to your family

give you the longest loving company





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