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Phased adjustment of agricultural machinery market enterprises promote growth with two strategies

in the face of China's agricultural machinery market, which is still in the period of deep adjustment, enterprises in the industry should take the lead in grasping the three core demands of "quality, value and service" that users pay close attention to through the cooperation with ELG and adaso on the EQ1 project, and make every effort to smooth the two important links of sales channel and customer relationship management construction, so as to achieve counter trend growth

since 2019, in the face of the still deeply adjusted agricultural machinery market, a number of agricultural machinery enterprises in the industry have focused on resources and made multiple policies simultaneously, achieving a "good start". Experience has proved that as long as we take the lead in grasping the three core demands of "quality, value and service" highly concerned by users, and make every effort to smooth the two important links of sales channel and customer relationship management construction, it will help enterprises improve the success rate of contrarian growth

grasp the three core demands of users

fully meet the core demands of agricultural machinery users, create differentiated advantages in quality, value and service, build a first mover advantage in market competition, and seize the commanding height of future development

first, to create product quality advantages. Quality determines the sustainable development ability of an enterprise. In recent years, most of the agricultural machinery enterprises with good development in China are enterprises with leading product quality. The annual operation of agricultural machinery products such as tractors and supporting agricultural machines and tools in China is about 10 days in winter wheat areas, and about 1 month in single season planting areas in Northwest and Northeast China. The use time is relatively short, the operation conditions are complex, and the user is sparing time like gold. Once the product quality problem occurs, it will affect the user's operating income and operation quality level in the current year

according to experts in the industry, most of China's agricultural machinery products can meet the requirements of functional conventional parameters, but still need to improve product reliability and quality stability. At present, there are more than 300 large and medium-sized tractor and harvesting machinery manufacturing enterprises in China. The quality assurance ability of most enterprises needs to be improved. Compared with similar products of multinational companies, the quality competitiveness needs to be fully formed

in order to improve product quality in an all-round way, China's agricultural machinery enterprises need to strictly control process quality and form closed-loop management; Optimize quality value chain management, start with design, procurement, production, inspection and service, adopt zero tolerance for quality problems, and form a level by level accountability and full coverage system; Strengthen staff training, comprehensively strengthen quality awareness and standardize quality behavior, and eliminate the factors causing quality hidden dangers

second, strive to improve product value. In the past two years, the agricultural machinery market has often seen the phenomenon of one enterprise promoting sales and multiple enterprises following up. Hurting competitors by relying on price competition will eventually hurt themselves. Value competition is the way to development. To realize value competition, we must first build the product business value, innovate the product R & D mode, and form the ability to produce a generation, trial produce a generation, develop a generation, and reserve a generation. Secondly, we should strengthen the product test and improvement under the agricultural machinery and agronomic conditions in Northeast, northwest and winter wheat areas, so as to avoid the phenomenon that one product is sold all over the country, and systematically solve the individual needs of users such as farmland operation problems. Moreover, we should focus on regional competitive differences to build a multi-dimensional development pattern of strategic products, development products, competitive products and containment products, so as to meet the development demands of users at different levels

the third is to provide comprehensive after-sales service. Although the service level supports the advantages and disadvantages of enterprise marketing ability, at present, some agricultural machinery enterprises still ignore the construction of service ability. To do a good job in the after-sales service of agricultural machinery enterprises in an all-round way, it mainly includes Comprehensively Strengthening the construction of service system, enriching service resources, improving service network, improving service capacity, and building service differentiation advantages; Build a service training platform around the enterprise industrial chain and product endowments, strengthen the collaborative training of internal and external service teams, and jointly improve service skills; Comprehensively improve the service response and parts supply capacity, etc

unblock the two paths of "marketing channel so as to have a comprehensive understanding of the mechanical properties of materials and customer relationship management"

agricultural machinery production enterprises should strengthen channel construction and customer relationship management, comprehensively improve the terminal supply capacity, and strive to achieve win-win results among enterprises, channels and users

the first is a smooth marketing channel. From the current market performance, some agricultural machinery enterprises have lost their scientific judgment on channel development, failed to regulate the management of terminal channels, and some phenomena are not suitable for the market. It is mainly reflected in the following aspects: focusing on sales rather than capacity, focusing on short-term rather than long-term, focusing on our own side and ignoring the other side. Some agricultural machinery enterprises encourage or force dealers to purchase goods through policy levers. The market situation is not good, resulting in large inventory of dealers and difficulties in operation

the market is like a battlefield. Enterprises and dealers not only have the intersection of mutual running in and conflict, but also face the cooperation of collaborative competition and common development. First, the marketing channels of agricultural machinery enterprises should be unblocked. The enterprises should improve the management and execution ability of marketing personnel internally, strengthen the development and control of channels externally, and improve the accuracy and consistency of market competition; Secondly, we should pay attention to protecting the dealers' original sales network after sampling according to the requirements of gb/t 1039. Considering the dealers' profitability, we should give corresponding special support such as purchase funds, facade construction, sales expenses and product publicity, and encourage dealers to improve their sales, strengthen and expand the market, and optimize customer management; Finally, a long-term win-win mechanism should be established. Build a long-term development mechanism for agricultural machinery enterprises and agricultural machinery channels, transform from non franchised to franchised, from commercial to commercial, and from focusing on sales to focusing on development, so as to comprehensively improve the profitability and development level of channels

the second is to continuously strengthen customer relationship construction at the same time. At present, customer relationship management still has a long way to go in China's agricultural machinery market. According to the survey, many enterprises and dealers have not established a customer relationship management system, lack of corresponding organizational resource investment, and are unable to conduct systematic analysis and research

agricultural machinery enterprises and dealers should cooperate to establish an agile "thoroughfare" of customer relationship management and deepen the construction of customer relationship. The first is to deepen the research on big data of customers, analyze the demand characteristics of purchasing groups, main selling models, purchasing time, consumption capacity, etc., find out the weak links and development laws of customer relationship construction, and deeply tap the "rich ore" of customers. The second is sub dimensional customer construction and management. We will strengthen the relationship building among agricultural industrialization organizations, Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives and other machinery purchasing organizations, and strengthen the cooperative relationship between the two sides. Focusing on the needs of the whole process operation of agricultural operation, we enriched the industrial chain, provided users with a package of equipment services for farming, management and collection, and carried out the whole process nanny service for agricultural equipment operation. Promote the extension of the value chain and provide the re output of the means of production required by the corresponding agricultural materials and agronomy. In addition, we should build an "Internet +" operation platform to realize the comprehensive docking and rapid development of networking marketing channel resources, innovate marketing models, and improve product sales with the help of new technologies such as cloud computing, IOT, big data, and new carriers such as e-commerce, so as to comprehensively build a new competitive format in the agricultural machinery market

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