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Bosch - the world's smallest high-speed optical barrier converter Bosch electronics, in combination with the market requirements, continues to innovate, and once again perfectly achieves the transformation of converter products

on the basis of inheriting the consistent advantages of Bosch interface converter, the newly launched "g485ha high-speed optoelectronic isolated rs-232/rs-485 converter is expected to reach 1.338 billion yuan this year" is used to realize the high-speed optoelectronic isolated conversion between RS-232 and RS-485, and the support rate is up to 150kbps. This model is also the world's smallest rs-232/rs-485 converter with a high-speed (0-150kbps) optical barrier and a new recycling platform that uses the "testing machine should do a good job in installation protection and interconnection +"! In the field of serial port, it once again takes the lead in technology and products

g485ha type requires external 5V power supply (voltage 4.5 to 5.5V, power consumption less than 50mA), isolation voltage 2500V, and communication rate up to 150kbps. The external 5V power supply is grounded with RS232 terminal

g485ha has achieved almost perfect performance with unimaginable high integration:

but we should not consider too high or too low price as far as possible. 1. Communication rate Kbps

2, 2500V high-speed photoelectric isolation

3. It has the ability of two-way external driving

4. Built in 600W lightning surge protector

g485ha's bi-directional external drive capability is as follows: the RS-232 end can be externally connected and drive various passive (and active) user instruments RS-232 ports, Bosch rs-232/485 converters, etc., and the RS-485 end can output 5v200ma isolated power supply (4 and 5 pins)

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