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Rainbow Group: LCD glass substrate phase II project is progressing smoothly

Rainbow Group (00438) announced the progress of its LCD glass substrate phase II project. The company announced that the pool furnaces have started to be ignited successively. Among them, the pool furnaces of Zhangjiagang liquid crystal glass substrate project have been successfully ignited on September 28, and the first six generation liquid crystal glass substrate project in Hefei has also been successfully ignited on October 11. It is expected that the pool furnaces of Xianyang liquid crystal glass substrate project will be successfully ignited at the end of October. After the tank furnace is ignited, the phase II project will gradually enter the trial production phase. How has the first ground test phase of the world's largest composite aircraft been completed? The hull of the sample ship is almost finished

rainbow group indicates that the company has timely launched the phase II project of building 12 new liquid crystal glass substrate production lines. It is believed that with the successful ignition of local pool furnaces and the gradual and smooth commissioning of production lines, its liquid crystal glass substrate business has taken a solid step towards large-scale development, and its industrial transformation will be comprehensively and rapidly promoted

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