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PH value and viscosity control of water-based printing inks

various inks are often used in the process of packaging and printing. These inks not only enrich the printing style of packaging, but also increase the colorful choice of printing. Today, the Chinese paper industry will take you into the water-based printing ink to understand its related content

most flexo printers understand that in the process of printing with water-based ink, it is necessary to pay attention to the viscosity of the ink and maintain a certain value. In the laboratory, operators use Zahn cup and code meter to observe and check the viscosity. If the viscosity of printing ink is higher than the expected value, some water will be added, but the problem will occur at this time

if water is used alone to control the viscosity of printing ink, the pH value of printing ink will decrease with the decrease of viscosity each time water is added. The pH value of water is 7, while the pH value of flexo's water-based ink is generally controlled by the supplier, usually at 8 The export share to emerging countries will also be greatly increased by 5-9.5. When the pH value decreases, the interaction between printing ink components will begin to change, and the lower pH value will have a significant loss of color intensity. What's more, the printing ink will begin to separate or split and produce muddy phenomenon, and the higher pH value will also lead to the loss of structure and composition

today, pH is considered the most critical factor in controlling the medium range of flexo printing. Is pH more important than viscosity? The answer is right. However, when establishing and maintaining the optimal ink, pH and viscosity are inseparable, and they control each other

how to control the pH value and viscosity by using the correct viscosity adjusting liquid

? First, phmeter must be used to detect the pH value, understand the pH value of all printing ink components and additives, and record their changes at any time. Urban water use may vary by as much as one unit at different times of the month. In addition to using water to adjust the viscosity, another premixed adjustment solution can also be used. This adjustment solution contains some amines and other components. Generally, the adjustment solution provided by the printer can increase the pH value of the printing ink by 1~1.5 for the measurement data provided by the customer. At this time, water can not be used to adjust the printing ink

ph value and viscosity are the key to the success of printing. Under the conditions of establishing printing, pump, embossing roller, measuring system, printing plate, binding and back finishing operation, materials and drying, the printing ink can get the best color only under the best viscosity and pH value. Many relief plate makers have found that there will be color contact during overprint, cylinder liner or color overprint. Therefore, the most useful way to adapt to the policy is to increase the viscosity and reduce the pH value. This way is helpful to the drying process and prevent the color of the post printing from being wet by the color of the previous printing, An example is given to illustrate that this method obviously requires more than one adjustment solution to be added to each inking machine to adjust the required viscosity. In addition, these adjustment solutions must be 1.0~1.5 higher than the pH value of each printing ink

significance of system automation

during the use of printing ink, the use of automatic viscosity and pH control system can effectively detect the stability of online printing ink, thus reducing the loss of ink film and printing ink. At the same time, it can reduce the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) (amines, alcohols or other solvents), which can save valuable time for printing employees to engage in other important work

today's newer generation of automatic control systems have excellent accuracy and reliability, and can be operated and maintained simply. Whether it is a multi unit or a single unit control system, it can be purchased at a cheaper price than before. Some even provide spc/iso reports

finally, it must be mentioned that the pipe should be soft. Whether using automatic system or manual operation, the most important thing is to adjust the use of liquid instead of water

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