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Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany, talks about entrepreneurship: after aiming, we will have a greater chance of success in the industry

Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany, talks about entrepreneurship: after aiming, we will have a greater chance of success in the industry

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our first bucket of gold came from innovation

in 1986, when I was 30 years old, I went to the sea to start a business. Before that, I was the director of the structural reform office of state-owned enterprises. At that time, this position was very glorious, and I was the first leader, I worked there as deputy director and presided over the work. I was at the deputy department level. With entrepreneurial dreams in mind, I and three other colleagues with similar aspirations lost this enviable job and decided to resign and start a business. Entrepreneurship requires a good entrepreneurial plan and a good product. In fact, that was not the case at that time

Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany Heavy Industry, heard that selling a sheep could earn more than 20 yuan, so we went straight to Xiangxi, Changde, and even Guizhou, where there were more production and breeding, and started the sheep trading business. But when we bought a large number of sheep, we learned that the bullish market was due to the cancellation of a large contract by the foreign trade department, and the sheep price would fall after new year's day. As a result, the army quickly withdrew, and the initial venture ended in failure. Later, my friends and I also bought and sold Baijiu, glass fiber and other products, but in the end, we only lost money. Finally, we came back to discuss why we failed repeatedly. Later, we felt that these things were not our good at. Three of the four of us were material majors, which was our strength. We found a way to investigate and found that the welding materials were in short supply in the market at that time

In 1989, we set up Lianyuan Maotang welding material factory with the borrowed 60000 yuan as the capital. Without a factory, we regard the basement as a factory, and the conditions are very simple. It was in this humble "factory" that four people worked hard every day to produce the first product. I sent it to a factory in Liaoning Province, but all the products were returned because of unqualified quality. I realize that we are still a layman in welding materials. So I went back to my alma mater, Central South University of technology, and discussed repeatedly with my teacher. Then I borrowed a laboratory in the school, adjusted our formula more than 100 times, and changed the process dozens of times, so that this product passed the test, and we got the first bucket of gold of 8000 yuan

in this way, in the first year, our factory achieved a sales revenue of 160000 yuan and a profit of 36000 yuan; In the second year, we made a profit of 130000; Six years later, in 1992, our sales volume reached a little more than 100 million and our annual profit reached 30million. I think this is still far from our goals and dreams

the most important thing for people is to see themselves and know themselves. I often wonder why, also in Hunan, Zhang Yue, who started later than me, can achieve 2billion Yuan Da air conditioning. Finally, I come to the conclusion that our welding material industry is too small and there is a ceiling. In addition, I started my business in my hometown at first. The region is too biased. Neither this industry nor region can nurture a world-class large enterprise, nor can we achieve our business goals. At this time, we thought of innovation. The key to innovation is to innovate our development strategy and development thinking, so we formulated a double entry strategy - enter big industries and big cities

shoot after aiming, and the assurance of success is greater.

we put down this stall with 100 million sales and more than 30 million profits, and I went to investigate the market with several executives. In one year, we visited dozens of experts, held five expert demonstration meetings, and held more than 10 board meetings. At that time, under the opportunity of China's rapid economic development, China was vigorously building everywhere. I knew that the construction field would flourish. And slowly increase the pressure: moreover, at that time, there were not many enterprises entering this field. Many people felt that only state-owned enterprises with rich and powerful resources dared to get involved, and I always believed that if we could seize the opportunity, there would be a broad space for development. In 1993, we moved our headquarters to Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province, and renamed the enterprise "Sany Heavy Industry"

Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany Heavy Industry

Sany has developed slowly from a starting point to today's meteoric pace. Technology research and development is undoubtedly the biggest driving force for development. When exploring the field of construction machinery, we have no advantages in resources, technology and channels, and we are a private enterprise without any state-owned and foreign capital background. More than 95% of the products in the market are foreign brands, and all core technologies are in the hands of foreign enterprises such as Germany, the United States and Japan. I realize that, no matter now or in the future, Sany's biggest competitor is overseas enterprises, and at that time, Sany's development path had only two choices: either it invested heavily in the technology of multinational companies and took the "bringing doctrine" path of introduction, digestion and absorption; Second, joint ventures with foreign enterprises, using the market for technology

but for Sany Heavy Industry, these two roads are impassable. First, it is lack of funds and unable to buy; Second, the giants in this field in Europe and the United States have set up layers of barriers to export technology. Therefore, it can be said that Sany Heavy Industry was completely forced to take the road of independent innovation at that time - this is the only way to go. Only after being forced and helpless can we finally take the initiative and get rid of repression

then, we organized relevant experts with great efforts to open the door of technology research and development. At that time, Yi Xiaogang, the chief technician we introduced, officially took up the "baton" of technology research and development. During the research and development, he found that different pipes must be connected to the high and low pressure switch of the concrete trailer pump. To this end, he designed a pneumatic valve that can rotate 90 degrees. But problems also follow. Some people don't agree to change the design. The reason they give is: such pipes are used abroad. As long as they are imitated, there is no need to change them

but Yi Xiaogang believes that if we blindly imitate foreign products, Sany will not only have no technological breakthrough, let alone build core competitiveness. When I learned about this situation, I listened carefully to Yi Xiaogang's opinions and finally chose to support him. Because of this, we have developed our own technology patent through technological innovation, which is the collector valve widely used since then. The successful development of the collecting valve group not only enables Sany to achieve mass production, but also brings Sany huge profits

we have gained the right to survive through innovation. In Yi Xiaogang's words, in fact, all our domestic R & D personnel are very smart, but we have been affected by inferiority complex for a long time, and we always feel that we are inferior to others. In fact, people engaged in technology research and development must first break their fear and break their thinking set. Only in this way can they develop highly innovative products

if we have identified a path, we should move forward bravely and fearlessly. Even if there is nothing, we should try our best to create conditions for progress. If I had followed the popular trend at that time and thought that this was a high-risk field that was not suitable for private enterprises, I don't know who would spend the success of Sany group today

if you drown in a boat, you will fall back if you don't advance, and the same is true of technology research and development. Through years of painstaking research, we have made certain technological innovations in hydraulic, electrical and other aspects, continuously owned our own intellectual property products, and gradually increased our market share. Due to a series of moves in technology research and development, we have the core technology that only developed countries in the world can master, laying the foundation for becoming an industry leader

unwilling to give up equity and retain talents

Yi Xiaogang once insisted on staying by the stove and experimenting day and night in order to produce a steel plate material imported from Europe at that time. In the hot summer, when the outdoor temperature reached 40 degrees Celsius. He made great contributions to Sany group, which I will never forget. In 1999, in order to reward Yi Xiaogang for his great contribution, I convened shareholders to make a resolution to donate 2% of the 5% equity reserved by the company to Yi Xiaogang. Therefore, Yi Xiaogang became the ninth director of Sany group. How much equity represents a person's control over the enterprise. One more shareholder means that his voice in the enterprise has been reduced, and few people are willing to give power to others. However, if they are in charge of their own affairs, they will care about the survival and development of the enterprise. Therefore, every time I make a decision, I will also ask for the suggestions of the principals, which plays a great role in ensuring the correctness of the decision

after clarifying the important position of technological innovation platform construction in the process of enterprise development, we comprehensively promote the system construction of R & D concept renewal and innovation by means of system and mechanism construction, innovation culture construction, talent accumulation and training, intellectual property rights, and standardization

the rules can be changed, and the principles must be adhered to.

if there is no internationalization, Sany is at most a larger self-employed. After Sany maintained its rapid development momentum, we began to enter overseas markets and invest in overseas factories. At that time, Sany Heavy Industry took the Indian factory as the official production goal, successively established R & D and production bases in the United States, Germany, Brazil, Indonesia and other places, and began a one-stop localization survival and development road of investment, R & D, production, sales and service. Then, through international capital operation, we integrate the information of talents, capital, market and other resources around the world to make our capital go global

Price war is in urgent need of a new development direction. Sany is expressly prohibited. I have repeatedly stressed that the competitiveness of the industry should be better than that of enterprises, and sany should know how to be an industry leader. In this way, the price of all our products is more than 10% higher than that of our domestic competitors, and the collection rate is also strictly controlled. For example, a 250 ton crawler crane, Sany's price is at least 15% higher than others, but it will design a lifting capacity of 260 tons. In my opinion, winning customers also depends on the quality of products. For the same product, with the same lifting weight and arm length, Sany equipment can be lifted heavier and farther, creating more obvious benefits

competition should seek common development, rather than simply benefiting oneself at the expense of others, or even not sparing "killing one enemy will cost you 800", because this will put the whole industry in trouble. It is because I understand this truth that I prohibit Sany group from fighting a price war. Because what I seek is the long-term prosperity of the whole industry, not the temporary self-interest of my own enterprise

in addition, the key to the success of Sany Heavy Industry lies in word-of-mouth marketing. In my opinion, every customer may become an indispensable force in word-of-mouth marketing, spreading and promoting products and services, and contributing to the profits of enterprises. How to do a good job in word-of-mouth marketing, I summarize the following three points:

first, improve product quality. The quality of products is the life of an enterprise and the key factor affecting its development. If the product quality has not been strengthened, how can the enterprise develop

second, provide supreme service. After sales service is undoubtedly a catalyst, which can bring enterprises closer to their goals. When the product quality is the same, others

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