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Mr. lizhenyu, President of North Asia region of baomeng group and managing director of China company, won the "leader" award of mm "modern manufacturing"

Mr. lizhenyu, President of China industrial control industrial control information baomeng group in North Asia and managing director of China company, won the "leader" award of mm "modern manufacturing"

in the fierce competition in the field of industrial automation and sensing in China, baomeng has successfully ranked in the forefront with the full implementation of Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering in just a few years, and has created an industry myth of continuous double-digit growth in annual performance. The creator of this myth, Mr. Li Zhenyu, President of North Asia and general manager of China of baomeng group, ZGS cast steel test block, with his decades of painstaking efforts and dedication in the Chinese market, It is highly praised and affirmed by people in the industry. Today, the industry's authoritative media Vogel mm "modern manufacturing" officially awarded Mr. Li Zhenyu the title of "2019 reform and start again, strong and prosperous leader of China's manufacturing industry", in recognition of President Li's outstanding contributions

Mr. lizhenyu, President of North Asia and general manager of China of Baum group

as the helmsman of Baum China, he has made Baum's influence in China's industrial market from almost zero to now a popular high-end brand of sensing technology products in China's industrial market. Therefore, he has become one of the outstanding leaders in China's industrial automation industry

before baomeng entered the Chinese market, its products could only be seen occasionally on some machinery and equipment imported from Europe. At that time, some foreign-funded manufacturers who were used to using baomeng products had the desire to provide products and services in China. In order to meet the needs of these customers and expand the business scope of baomeng, baomeng began to officially enter the Chinese market in bright colors. Under the leadership of Mr. Li Zhenyu, baomeng's market share has been firmly in the forefront of China's sensor market. In just a few years, its cumulative performance in the Chinese market has reached nearly 2billion yuan, and has maintained an annual growth rate of more than double digits from beginning to end. Mr. lizhenyu takes great credit for the achievements of baomeng China at present

Mr. lizhenyu won the MM "modern manufacturing" leader award

with the expansion of baomeng's sales channels and the growing maturity of its business team, how to maintain baomeng's brand influence and expand its business scope has gradually become a more important thing. To this end, he spent a lot of energy on Market Research and communication with the headquarters, so as to continuously strengthen the proportion of innovative products specifically targeted at the Chinese market in the R & D Department of baomeng. And these products can be fully used by him with his very unique vision and launched at the most appropriate time, thus creating a myth of maintaining double-digit growth from entering the Chinese market

and the corresponding latest product technology, performance and use are introduced in detail. In addition, under the leadership of this excellent helmsman, the performance of baomeng China has always been in the leading position of baomeng group. This achievement can not be achieved without the unremitting efforts of Mr. Li Zhenyu, let alone the hard work of baomeng people

I believe that under the leadership of Mr. Li Zhenyu, baomeng will continue to provide users with higher quality sensing technology products and industrial application solutions, contribute more to the development of China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry, and work together with all customers to create a better tomorrow for the automation industry

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