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Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany Heavy Industry: let "made in China" write the world legend

Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany Heavy Industry: let "made in China" write the world legend

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profile: Liang Wengen, from Lianyuan, Hunan Province, the main founder of Sany group, the current director of Sany group, chairman of Sany Heavy Industry, representatives to the 17th and 18th CPC National Congress, representatives to the 8th, 9th and 10th National People's Congress, He has been rated as "national model worker", "national excellent private entrepreneur", "excellent socialist cause builder with Chinese characteristics", CCTV "person of the year of Chinese economy" and "best boss of Chinese listed companies" by Forbes. Graduated from Central South University of mining and Metallurgy (now Central South University) in 1983, majoring in materials science, senior engineer. In 1986, xiahai founded Lianyuan special welding Ultra HD TV, which is famous for its ultra-high definition, precise details, gorgeous color and high contrast illumination. In 1991, the enterprise was renamed "Hunan Sany Group Co., Ltd." from "creating a first-class enterprise, cultivating first-class talents and making first-class contributions". Liang Wengen's dream is to plant a test field of Chinese national industry and contribute a world-class brand to the sustainable development of Chinalco in its life cycle. At present, Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., the core enterprise of Sany group, has been successfully listed, becoming the first share of Hunan private enterprise, the first share of China's construction machinery private enterprise, and also the largest construction machinery manufacturing enterprise in China and the fifth in the world

"you can let everyone know Sany, but it's best that no one knows Liang Wengen." This is what Liang Wengen, chairman and founder of Sany group, once said to Sany xiangwenbo. More than one insider said, "Liang Wengen is a very low-key person." But no matter how low-key Liang Wengen is, he is always our favorite topic

Sany's entrepreneurial team has never been a simple community of interests, but a "dream team" and spiritual community guided by the great mission of "serving the country through industry". It is precisely because of this common feeling and pursuit that from entrepreneurship to self owned assets of 30billion, the market value of up to 150billion, the entrepreneurial shareholders of Sany basically did not reduce their holdings, and no one coveted enjoyment, withdrew funds and changed jobs, and no one's children emigrated overseas

when he borrowed money to establish Lianyuan special welding materials factory, which was jokingly called "canteen" by others, Liang Wengen initially defined industry serving the country as "creating first-class enterprises and cultivating first-class talents", and made it into a slogan to hang at the gate of the factory. During the Spring Festival in 1989, the then Secretary of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee inspected Lianyuan and said after seeing the slogan, "we should also make first-class contributions". "Two first-class" is thus improved into "three first-class". This great corporate vision of Hongkai oil pump is the origin of the "Sany" brand

independent innovation and exploring the road to a strong national industry

in the 1990s, with the gradual deepening of reform and opening up from south to North and from west to East, China witnessed a climax of large-scale infrastructure construction, but looking around the construction sites, it basically became an "Expo" of imported equipment. In fact, domestic brands are not absent, but due to the lack of technology and brand, products made in China seem to be labeled as inferior quality as soon as they appear

the tide of reform and opening up awakened the passion flowing in Liang Wengen's blood, driving him to resolutely give up the "iron rice bowl" and start a business with three like-minded partners. "Our only idea at that time was to integrate our personal destiny into the development of the country, not to waste our youth and live up to this great era." Liang Wengen said, "a strong China cannot live without its own strong equipment manufacturing industry!" In the face of the backward situation of the industry, holding this tone, Liang Wengen gave up the special welding materials that had achieved an output value of hundreds of millions of yuan, tens of millions of profits and the first market share, and resolutely entered the construction machinery industry

"'Serving the country through industry 'is a powerful ambition and dream engraved in the genes of generations of Chinese entrepreneurs." Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany Heavy Industry said

"foreign technology is tightly blocked. Only by opening a way, aiming at the world's first-class, and mastering the core technology of key equipment, can we change 'made in China' into 'created in China' and constantly catch up with the world's leading pace." Liang Wengen told that Sany almost started from scratch and embarked on a hard journey of independent innovation

in order to overcome the problems of towing pumps, Liang Wengen and Yi Xiaogang, the chief engineer of Sany, slept in the shed every day for more than a year, thinking about towing pumps wholeheartedly. When switching between high and low pressure of the towing pump, different pipes need to be connected. Once, Yi Xiaogang boldly designed a valve that can rotate 90 degrees. Unexpectedly, it was unanimously opposed by workers and workshop directors: foreigners use pipes, and the customer has no opinion. Why do you want to replace it

at that time, Liang Wengen also had contradictions and hesitations, but after communicating with Yi Xiaogang, he finally said to everyone, "whether we believe in science or foreigners, we can have a try first." Finally, a hydraulic manifold with a completely different working principle from the original product was designed, and the first patent was born in Sany

because of this patent, when Sany's product research institute discussed technical issues, there were two sentences that could not be said: one was "foreign countries do this, and we do the same"; The other sentence is "foreign countries have not done this, nor can we.". With this tenacity, Sany not only solved the problem of towing pump, but also took the lead in realizing the self-made pump truck boom in the industry. Since the 66m pump truck, Sany has maintained the world record for the longest pump truck boom. The concrete pumping technology and the construction of R & D innovation platform have successively won the national science and technology progress award. In less than 10 years, Sany has gained more than 50% market share of China's concrete machinery market, and led domestic brands to gain a total market share of more than 90%

in addition, China's first 37 meter pump truck with independent intellectual property rights, the world's longest 86 meter pump truck boom, Asia's first 1000 ton all terrain crane, the world's largest 3600 ton crawler crane and many other China's first and world's first are constantly built out of the wisdom and sweat of Sany people

Sany is determined to "change the world image of inferior Chinese products with extremely high-quality products and services". Sany's corporate culture has been implanted. When doing morning exercises every Monday, Liang Wengen will raise the national flag with all employees and solemnly swear: "quality changes the world!" No matter in the construction of the Three Gorges, or in the construction of the "bird's nest", including the construction site of the "China's tallest" Shanghai center currently under construction, there are Sany figures. Especially after the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, Sany mechanized rescue team went deep into the earthquake stricken areas. When the victims took Sany equipment as their Savior, Sany employees truly felt the power of industry to serve the country

facts have proved that Sany's choice to catch up with the world-class strategy provides enterprises with inexhaustible innovation power and profit sources. After years of efforts, Sany's concrete machinery has become the first in the world, and the excavation machinery has broken the foreign monopoly and become the first in China. Other products such as piling machinery, crawler crane machinery, and port machinery have also become the first brands in China. Hong Maochun, Secretary of the Party committee of the Fujian Institute of material structure, Chinese Academy of Sciences, academician Cao Rong, director of the Institute, Shen canhuang, director of the Xiamen Bureau of science and technology, Li Huiyue, Secretary of the Jimei District Party committee Wu Gaofeng, President of Xiamen tungsten industry Co., Ltd., and other leaders were invited to attend the construction site as representatives of the three parties. It has become a reality that foreign brands have been comprehensively replaced by brands. Conversely, if there is no ideal of serving the country through industry and the belief of "pursuing first-class" cannot be adhered to, Sany may still struggle to survive in the low-end, low price and low gross profit

The import substitution action of Sany has also greatly boosted the confidence of the national manufacturing industry, injected new vitality into China's construction machinery industry, and promoted the vigorous development of the whole industry. Now, China's construction machinery industry has grown into one of the most competitive industries in the world

internationalization has made Sany leap to the top of the world

after entering the 21st century, with the leap of national comprehensive strength, Sany entrepreneurial team has deeply realized that in order to make made in China become made in China and sany brand become a world brand, we must go to the global market, compete with international first-class companies on the same platform, and go overseas to "open up territory"

in order to go abroad, Sany first cooperated with American Deere company and acted as an agent for some of its products until the first batch of Sany products - hydraulic graders were exported to Morocco in 2001. With the export of products, Sany began to set up offices all over the world

In 2006, Sany began to acquire land and build factories overseas to build overseas R & D and manufacturing bases. The Indian factory is the first production base established by SANY overseas, and then Sany successively invested in the construction of R & D and manufacturing bases in the United States, Germany, Brazil and other places. The accumulated overseas investment exceeded US $450million

in 2010, Sany began to implement the overseas base business unit + overseas region system, and established six international regions, including Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East, South Africa, North Africa, and Russia

in 2012, Sany successfully acquired Germany Putzmeister company, an internationally renowned enterprise in the concrete machinery industry, and became the undisputed number one in the world in the field of concrete machinery manufacturing

in 2013, Sany's overseas sales exceeded 10billion yuan, and internationalization ushered in an era of comprehensive profitability

in the process of internationalization, Sany has also continuously received cooperation intentions from foreign enterprises, but Liang Wengen has always insisted on two points: joint venture is OK, Sany cannot lose its own brand and enterprise control; Cooperation is OK, and sany cannot lose the option to enter any industry

when Sany concrete equipment was just improving, American caterpillar, the world's largest construction machinery enterprise, extended an olive branch to Sany and sent people to discuss cooperation with Sany. They offered to provide advanced technology free of charge to help Sany develop in the field of concrete machinery, and asked Sany to promise not to enter the excavator field they dominated in the future

"we refused without hesitation on the spot, because we know that excavators are the largest sales of construction machinery products in the world. Sany must truly become a world-class construction machinery brand and must enter the field of excavators in the future." Liang Wengen told that just a few years after the conclusion of this negotiation, Sany began to independently develop excavators. After eight years, Sany excavators ranked first in the Chinese market, breaking the history of ten foreign brands including caterpillar monopolizing the Chinese excavator market, and becoming a strong global competitor

The ideal of serving the country through industry continues the internationalization of Sany. From the beginning, it is not a single export of products, but a systematic export of China's technology, services, culture and successful development model, which has won praise and dignity for "made in China" internationally

in the Chile mine disaster rescue in 2010, Sany crawler crane was successfully selected by the local government and became the only Asian equipment to enter the rescue site. After the rescue, not only the Chilean people and government expressed their gratitude to Sany and China, but also won the world's attention to China

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