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Liang Jianzhang, the young commander of Ctrip: entrepreneurship is often an opportunity

Liang Jianzhang, who studied in Fudan University at the age of 15 and completed his master's degree in the United States at the age of 20, gave up the high salary of Oracle and founded Ctrip on his own

in a twinkling of an eye, Ctrip's turnover has reached more than one billion, but his entrepreneurial journey has just begun.

Liang Jianzhang, Ctrip's CEO with a baby face, has always liked casual dress, and his style is quite new in it. But in his office, there are not many advanced IT equipment, but the ancient landscape painting on the wall is the most eye-catching. Looking at the leisurely Chinese landscape paintings, I wonder whether Liang Jianzhang will recall the famous scene of "little computer poet" when he was a teenager, programmed according to the rhythm of ancient poetry

maybe it's because of the smooth journey. Liang Jianzhang, 34, looks much younger than his actual age. But in the face of wealth and achievements, Liang Jianzhang showed indifference disproportionate to his age. Liang Jianzhang said with a smile that he was not a particularly enthusiastic person. He had the "calm and rational" that people engaged in IT technology must have. Wealth may be just a number for him. It is this calm in his heart that Liang Jianzhang's life remains the same and his mood does not change in the face of the huge wealth calculated by the outside world after Ctrip's listing. The picture he asked someone to write, "soil and water are uncertain, and wind and rain are not often Ctrip" shows his determination to carry Ctrip through wind and rain. "Ctrip still has a lot of room to grow." Liang Jianzhang believes that his entrepreneurial journey has just begun

you must accumulate before starting a business.

Liang Jianzhang's experience is smooth. He was a computer genius when he was a teenager. At the age of 13, he could write poems with computers. He was one of the first primary school students to contact computers in China. Later, he participated in the youth program competition. Winning the prize was like finding out what was in his pocket, which made him inseparable from computers. At the age of 15, Liang Jianzhang, who completed junior high school, was admitted to Fudan junior class and studied in Fudan computer undergraduate half a year later. Before graduating from Fudan University, he was admitted to Georgia Institute of technology in the United States and completed his bachelor's degree and master's degree. That year was 1989, and Liang was only 20 years old

"studying in the United States is very helpful to me." Talking about the learning process in the United States, Liang Jianzhang sighed. Due to economic pressure, he had to finish his studies as soon as possible. He was in a strange environment where he loosened the fixing screws of the motor, and he was not used to language and life. It was conceivable that he faced challenges. Fortunately, Liang was very young at that time. In the end, he completed his studies for two years in only one year. After completing his master's degree, he also studied for doctor Duan, but then he found that his studies no longer challenged him. "The most advanced thing is not a school, but an enterprise." papermaking enterprises are extending upstream and downstream. So Liang Jianzhang entered Oracle (Oracle) R & D department and accumulated 3 years of R & D experience in Oracle

"in China, when the relative humidity of the machine is 50 ± 5%, the difference in the size of the corresponding plastic parts measured will be much more than that in the United States, especially in entrepreneurship." When Liang Jianzhang returned home to visit his relatives, he saw earth shaking changes in China and felt a fiery entrepreneurial atmosphere. He analyzed that in the long run, his development opportunities were still in China, so he decided to transform from technology to management. After returning to Oracle in the United States, Liang Jianzhang applied to transfer the Department to the customer service department (ERP Implementation), "few people will transfer like this", because the status, treatment and options of the Oracle R & D department are much better than those of other departments. Looking back on that year, Liang Jianzhang felt that his original choice was correct. The experience of the customer service department made him understand the relationship between it and management. Fortunately, in 1997, he returned to China to serve as the Consulting Director of China through the internal recruitment of Oracle. "If he is still in the R & D department, he cannot be transferred back to China," said Liang Jianzhang. In this way, he has realized the transformation from technology to management, laying a solid foundation for independent entrepreneurship

during his tenure as Consulting Director, Liang Jianzhang served as a consultant in management, software and e-commerce for many domestic enterprises, and participated in planning the construction of management systems for large state-owned enterprises such as civil aviation and Chinatelecom. At the same time, he is also carefully looking for opportunities, hoping to open his own company in China and realize his entrepreneurial dream. Zhu, an old colleague of Oracle, recalled that Liang Jianzhang was a leader who didn't like talking and showing off, "full of curiosity, and good at observing and thinking"

"opportunities are for those who are prepared." Liang Jianzhang believes that we must do a good job of accumulation before starting a business, and observation and thinking are essential. If you want to start a business, you must be prepared in terms of studies, experience and work skills. "When you really feel that you are doing better in this industry than anyone else, there is an opportunity." In the past two years in China, Liang Jianzhang has been trying to get familiar with the situation of the Chinese market and is fully prepared to start a business. "This is much better than coming back directly to start a business," Liang Jianzhang said with a smile. "If you come back directly, you may make mistakes."

create Ctrip, set sail in the hot wind

in 1998, Internet rose quietly in China. At this time, Liang Jianzhang felt that the opportunity was ripe. "At that time, Internet was very hot and venture capital was very abundant, which was a good entrepreneurial opportunity." So he made a bold move to leave Oracle and set up Ctrip on his own

speaking of why he chose to be a tourism station at the beginning, Liang Jianzhang said that one reason was his expectation of the domestic tourism market, and the other was his intuition. On the one hand, Liang Jianzhang felt that the travel agencies at that time were difficult to meet people like him, and the services provided were not in place. In addition, the "imagination space" of the tourism industry was very large. In 1998, the scale of China's tourism industry reached 239.1 billion yuan. "Tourism is the second largest expenditure of the people, even higher than cars." Liang Jianzhang 10. Turn on or turn down the iris diaphragm on the spotlight under the stage and aim at the tourism industry. After his success, Liang Jianzhang admitted that he was not familiar with the tourism industry at that time and did not do in-depth research. He was just an intuition and felt that "making a tourism station from design to distribution and payment is very suitable for e-commerce."

with creativity, building a Ctrip team has become the key to entrepreneurship. "There were a few friends at the beginning," Liang Jianzhang said with a smile. Shen NANPENG and Ji Qi, who were familiar with Liang Jianzhang, became the original founders of Ctrip. The three quickly decided to get out of their original work and go all out to do a good job in the station. In terms of division of labor, complementary advantages are their strengths. Liang Jianzhang is the Consulting Director of Oracle China, with a deep technical background; Shen NANPENG, a Yale MBA, is a banker with many years of investment experience

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