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Li Zhongwei, an employee of Jiangsu Shentong Valve Co., Ltd., won the title of "national technical expert"

in mid November, the seventh national numerical control skills competition came to an end in Beijing. Li Zhongwei, an employee of Jiangsu Shentong Valve Co., Ltd., won the runner up of the finals of numerical control machine tool assembly and maintenance workers, and was awarded the title of "national technical expert"

when I saw Li Zhongwei, I didn't expect that the national runner up was actually a handsome guy. I saw that he was absorbed in the research. With the skilled click of his fingers, the valve body of a ball valve gradually appeared. "The precision unit of machining is silk, and 100 silk is equal to 1 mm. The precision of ball valve production requires 1-2 silk, less than one fifth of a hair."

when he first joined the company in 2006, Li Zhongwei could not use sophisticated equipment. He made up his mind to study until he knew clearly the function of the equipment and the function of the program. At that time, the company's nuclear power valve business was just starting, and one customer at a time required to deliver 150 ball valve bodies within 3 months. "It's a new polymer. It can also develop a new mechanical strength polymer. It takes 16 hours to produce a ball valve. At this speed, it's impossible to complete the task."

Li Zhongwei took the initiative to take over this "hot potato". With his efforts, the efficiency of the old lathe was improved to produce a ball valve every 4 hours, and the order task was successfully completed

now, Li Zhongwei's operation process has become the technical specification of the whole company. In 2012, Li Zhongwei won the second place in the CNC milling of the staff group of the Nantong division of the first Jiangsu skill champion competition, and became the first worker technician of the enterprise

the national numerical control skill competition is a national first-class first-class skill competition, which is held every two years. As a top-level competition in the national numerical control processing industry, 576 contestants' materials determined the quality of the experimental machine and reached the finals. Finally, Li Zhongwei stood out from many elites. (nanjutong)

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