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Liyunqiang, chairman of Liwen paper industry: if I do this, I may now be the richest man

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Mr. liyunqiang, a well-known entrepreneur, rich businessman and philanthropist in Hong Kong, Liwen paper industry Kingdom, frankly said that the secret of doing business, he believed that the most important thing was "diligence", to be hard-working, to follow the rules, and there was no other shortcut. While the shopping malls are making great achievements, Mr. Li Yunqiang is more enthusiastic about public welfare and donating money to schools

Mr. Li Yunqiang, a famous entrepreneur, rich businessman and philanthropist in Hong Kong, was born in Tansha village, Boao, Qionghai City, Hainan Province in 1942. At the age of 13, he came to Hong Kong with his relatives, worked as a machine apprentice in Hong Kong, studied English at night, and became a famous entrepreneur, rich businessman and philanthropist in Hong Kong after years of struggle

Mr. Li is an honorary citizen of Guangdong Province. He has successively served as a member of the Standing Committee of the eighth and Ninth CPPCC of Guangdong Province, a consultant to the Preparatory Committee for the celebration of the establishment of Hainan Province by Hainan compatriots in Hong Kong, the chairman of the fourth world Hainan Township and youth League Friendship Conference, the honorary principal of Hainan Guoxing middle school and Qionghai Jiaji middle school, and has successively served as the 43rd and 44th presidents, 42nd executive vice presidents, and 39th to 41st vice presidents of the Hong Kong Hainan chamber of Commerce, He is now the honorary president

the exclusive interview with Mr. Li was conducted in the office of Liwen paper in Dongguan. His frank response to the question was incisive and impressive. Before the interview, a tour around the whole paper mill was arranged

his paper industry kingdom is located on a vast peninsula, including power generation system, incinerator, wharf, paper workshop, water filtration system, seawater fresh water, staff dormitory, etc., and there are large open spaces to be developed

Li Yunqiang's business secret: the most important thing is to be "diligent". He should be hard-working, follow rules, and have no shortcut.

Mr. Li Yunqiang started his business in the 1960s and has successfully developed in many industries for many years. He has successively established a tape factory, handbag factory, soft box factory, paper factory, paper factory, and established Liwen group, with business all over the world, Both Levin chemical and Levin Paper Co., Ltd. under the Hong Kong Levin group are listed companies in Hong Kong

his recycling and papermaking enterprise has reduced a large number of trees being cut down, which is actually an environmental protection industry, and the emission standards are stricter than the requirements of the government; The power generation system of the plant will also be changed from coal to natural gas

Mr. Li believes that it must be so, otherwise China's environment will be seriously polluted

he admitted that there is no pure environmental protection enterprise, and everything should be cost-effective, because the cost of waste paper is much lower than the price of real wood pulp, creating this business opportunity. However, with the development of China's economy, it began to reject "foreign garbage". Mr. Li has also prepared corresponding measures to successively set up factories in Vietnam, Taiwan, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia and other places, which is also an overseas investment in response to the "the Belt and Road" strategy

as early as before the start of China's reform and opening up, Mr. Li had invested in the mainland. He had set up factories in Xiaolan, Dongguan since 1978, and then set up many factories in Dongguan. He bluntly said that he loved his motherland. "My family has joined the Communist Party for several generations. My uncle Liu Bo is the company commander of Dongjiang column, and he served as the director of the detention center of Guangzhou intermediate court after his transfer." After the successful development of his career, Mr. Li became the first group of enterprise representatives received by Premier Li Peng, China's state leader. He believed that the climate at that time provided a good opportunity for the development of large enterprises

when asked about Mr. Li's great achievements in career development and the secret of doing business, he thought that the most important thing was "diligence". He had to be hardworking and follow the rules, and there was no other shortcut

he should do his best in everything, not smoking, drinking, whoring, and clinging to dignitaries. His children are influenced by him, and they also maintain a serious and perfect attitude. Moreover, the quality of the experimental machine is also very excellent. Now his children also have unique achievements in their careers

Mr. Li believes that when a community leader takes part in social work, he must be clear and avoid leaving the field. He said that if he engaged in real estate, he could buy as much land as he wanted in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hainan, Dongguan, Shenzhen and other places. Now he may be the richest man

as Mr. Li is an overseas Chinese leader, he led the construction of a six-star hotel in Sanya at the invitation of Wei Liucheng, Secretary of the Hainan provincial Party committee. In addition, there are no other real estate projects and no other investments in Hainan to avoid conflicts of interest

once, when his son was invited to be a beauty pageant judge, Mr. Li told him not to do it again in the future. Industries with more external work, such as hotels and restaurants, were handed over to his daughter. His son focused on projects to avoid unnecessary temptation

"model child" Li Yunqiang has made great achievements in shopping malls, and is more enthusiastic about public welfare and donations to schools.

Mr. Li Yunqiang has made great achievements in shopping malls, is more enthusiastic about public welfare and donations to schools, cares about education in Hainan's hometown and poor areas in the mainland, sets up education funds, medical funds, elderly funds, and assists Hainan people in providing buildings. He has been awarded the honorary title of "model child" by the people's Government of Hainan Province

now, in addition to rewarding excellent students in Jiaji middle school and opening English classes, athletes and singers are also trained, so that they can choose a more suitable 3D printing design to produce scaffolds for diversified development. They plan to build a nine story teaching institution, and also sponsor Hong Kong college students to study in Mainland China. Li Wenjun, who is also a member of the CPPCC National Committee in Hong Kong, is fighting for more than 30000 elderly people who have retired in Hainan to directly apply for Hong Kong fruit grant and comprehensive social security assistance

Li Yunqiang joined the Hainan chamber of Commerce and has always done a good job with the intention of contacting villagers and contributing to the development of Hainan. At first, he wanzhang introduced it, and then Huang Shouzheng returned to Hong Kong on the same plane. Huang Shouzheng invited Li Yunqiang to support the holding of the fourth World Association of rural groups in Hainan, so he decided to join the chamber of Commerce to assist him

he recalled that during his tenure as president, the chamber of Commerce was once on the brink of bankruptcy and in urgent need of fund-raising response; Now the chamber of Commerce has economic strength, However, he is also worried that "sooner or later someone will lose his family". We should always be vigilant against historical lessons.

he has served as the president and vice president of the Hong Kong Hainan chamber of Commerce for four years and eight years. During this period, he expanded the affairs of the conference and made every effort to seize the opportunity. He can be called the best partner with Pan Zhengzhou. In solving the problem that has plagued the Hong Kong Hainan chamber of Commerce for more than a decade, "Hong Kong United garden" During the incident, Li Yunqiang said that he was the most active and decisive person and vowed to win back. He went to Hainan many times to coordinate with the government and bank leaders, and successfully solved many problems

after the SARS epidemic in Hong Kong in 2003, the real estate market was once depressed. Li Yunqiang believed that it was an opportunity to strengthen the strength of the chamber of Commerce. With the support of Pan Zhengzhou and other colleagues at that time, he decided to purchase the full floor (with a building area of 2577 feet) of the first floor of zhuonang center, No. 9, Lam Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, as a new club, which was handed over to Kyrgyzstan on October 10, 2005. It can be said that Li Yunqiang has indeed made great contributions in expanding the conference affairs of the chamber of Commerce, improving the social popularity of the chamber of Commerce, expanding the activities of the congregation, communicating and cooperating with all sectors of society, and mobilizing the congregation to purchase new institutions

he opposes the establishment of small circles and mountain gangs. Mr. Li has always denounced these bad styles. He said that he acted frankly. As long as he was kind to the Hainan people, there was nothing to say, and things had to be told. The fracture of the sample was often broken on both sides to solve the problem. It may be this frank character that made him get strong support during his term as president. At that time, Hainan people were loosely organized. He once told pan Zhengzhou that we should concentrate on building a chamber of Commerce, and unity is strength. We should make the elderly have a foothold. With the progress of testing technology, young people can exchange business opportunities. But Mr. Li felt very regrettable and unexpected for this ideal. Later, due to policy needs, the Hong Kong Hainan Federation of associations was planned to be established in 2012 to allow the new generation to play a leading role

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