Liang Wengen, the hottest new richest man, creates

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Liang Wengen, the new richest man, creates the "gold absorption" road of Sany Heavy Industry

Liang Wengen, the new richest man, creates the "gold absorption" road of Sany Heavy Industry

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Guide: in the past year, Sany Heavy Industry seems to suddenly become very popular on the pages of major newspapers. From October, 2010, Sany SCC4000 crawler crane, known as the first crane in China, participated in the world-renowned rescue of the Chilean mine disaster, to March this year, Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant due to the large

in the last year, Sany Heavy Industry seems to have suddenly become very popular on the pages of major newspapers

from October 2010, Sany SCC4000 crawler crane, known as "the first crane in China", participated in the world-renowned rescue of the Chilean mine disaster, to March this year, the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan caused a nuclear leakage accident due to a major earthquake. Sany, a 62 meter boom pump truck worth millions of dollars, rushed to the disaster area to help with the rescue at the first time. The name of Sany, a Chinese enterprise, "Made in China" has gained more and more international recognition for its machine characteristics

at the same time, with the different uses of Sany extruder, the auxiliary equipment used in the TPJ series of mechanical spring fatigue testing machine is also different. The share price of heavy industry soared against the trend in the A-share market. Liang Wengen, the leader of Sany Heavy Industry, topped the "2011 New Fortune 500 rich list" published by the large financial magazine "new fortune" in May, becoming the new "richest man in China"

enterprises in the field of heavy machinery rarely attract public attention, and Sany Heavy Industry is an exception

after the Fukushima nuclear leak in March this year, Japan tried every means to inject water into the nuclear power plant units to cool down. They learned from the disaster relief experience of Chernobyl and considered using pump trucks to inject water into the unit. So Tokyo Electric Power Company issued a purchase intention to Sany Heavy Industry

it is this 62 meter pump truck that has attracted great public attention to Sany Heavy Industry

similar "accidents" also occurred at the site of the Chilean mine disaster last year. In October last year, a mining accident occurred in the copper mine in Chile. At that time, a crawler crane of Sany Heavy Industry was designated as disaster relief equipment by the disaster relief department

after "being concerned", people naturally asked on August 27, 2018, why did they all choose Sany Heavy Industry

it is understood that there are only three companies in the world that can produce boom pump trucks above 56 meters, namely, German elephant, Shanghai schweiying and Sany Heavy Industry. The 66 meter pump truck independently developed by Sany Heavy Industry set the Guinness world record in 2007. In 2009, Sany set its own record, increasing the boom of the pump truck to 72 meters

the statistical data of the world concrete machinery industry in 2010 released by yengst, an international industry consultant, on April 18 can explain why Tokyo Electric power company chose Sany Heavy Industry from another aspect: in 2010, Sany Heavy industry ranked first in the world with the annual sales of concrete machinery of US $2.72 billion, and won the championship for many times

Liang Wengen and his partners, who were born in an ordinary mountain village in Loudi, Hunan Province, made this ordinary private enterprise the first in the industry. On May 10, at the third round of the China US strategic and economic dialogue "entrepreneurs' meeting between the representatives of the two heads of state" held in Washington, D.C., Liang Wengen, as the only entrepreneur representative in the construction machinery industry and chairman of Sany Heavy Industry, made a resounding statement: "Chinese products are not as good as some American public opinions say - poor quality and low cost," made in China "is winning the respect of the world."

Liang Wengen, born in 1956, graduated from Central South University of mining and Metallurgy (now Central South University) majoring in materials science. His first job was assigned to a state-owned machinery factory in his hometown. However, after only two years, he decided to resign and "go to sea". That year, 1985, Liang Wengen was 29 years old

about the initial story of going to sea, Liang Wengen always mentioned selling sheep. When he resigned, he got the news that a sheep in the market could earn more than 20 yuan, so he went straight to Xiangxi, Changde, and even Guizhou, where there are many sheep, together with his friends yuan Jinhua, Mao Zhongwu, and Tang Xiuguo. But when they bought back a large number of sheep, they learned that the bullish market was due to the cancellation of a large contract by the foreign trade department, and the sheep price would fall after new year's day. Therefore, he quickly withdrew his troops, and his entrepreneurial attempt ended in failure

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