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Operation and production distribution of 13 business departments of LANXESS in China

Shanghai: Shanghai is the center of LANXESS' business in China. The industrial rubber products business department operates a technology center in Zhangjiang. Jinshan plant under the inorganic pigment business department is the most advanced yellow iron oxide pigment plant in China with the largest single plant output, with an annual output of 30000 tons. In 2010, the black iron oxide pigment production line of Jinshan factory was put into operation, with an annual capacity of 10000 tons. Jinshan factory provides sufficient raw materials for the grinding and mixing facilities of Langsheng Shanghai Pigment Co., Ltd. in Taopu, Shanghai

Wuxi: the leather business department provides leather chemicals for the entire Asia Pacific region. At the same time, there is the largest and most modern leather chemicals R & D center in the Asia Pacific region. Semi crystalline products business department produces high-performance plastics here. Since May, 2007, the semi crystalline products business department has also operated a high-tech plastic R & D center in Wuxi. In order to enhance its competitiveness in the Asian fungicide business, the material protection products business department launched a microbial testing laboratory in Wuxi in 2008

Qingdao: Rheinland chemical company (Lansheng subsidiary) provides high-performance polymers and additives for the electrical, electronic and automotive industries. In addition, LANXESS has built a new lubricant additive production plant in Qingdao, which has been put into production in early 2009

in July 2008, Langsheng's new rubber research center was completed in Qingdao with annual sales of nearly SEK 84 billion in 2013

this world-class research center is adjacent to Qingdao University of science and technology and is the result of close cooperation between Langsheng and Qingdao University of science and technology. The total investment scale of this research center is about US $16million. Why should we choose electronic universal testing machine yuan? It is jointly operated by LANXESS industrial rubber products business department, butyl rubber business department and butadiene rubber business department, and then tighten the fixed handle management. In May, 2009, the second phase of the R & D center was completed. Compared with the American brand R & D center, the expanded R & D center includes a rubber synthesis/testing laboratory with an area of 400 square meters and an experimental factory with an area of 400 square meters

Tongling: the rubber chemicals business department has established a joint venture with two Chinese partners to produce rubber antioxidant vulkanox

Liyang: Langsheng (Liyang) polyol Co., Ltd., located in Liyang, Jiangsu Province, was established in 2009, mainly producing trimethylolpropane (TMP), di trimethylolpropane (DI TMP) and calcium formate (CAFO)

Nantong: Langsheng and Taiwan Rubber Co., Ltd. hold 50% shares respectively, and established Langsheng Taiwan rubber (Nantong) Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. in 2010. The joint venture is located in Nantong, northwest of Shanghai, with a total investment of US $50 million

(about 36 million euros), the new company plans to put into production in the first half of 2012, with an annual output of 30000 tons of nitrile rubber (NBR), providing high-quality nitrile rubber products for the rapidly growing Chinese market

Hong Kong: established in 1958, it has 58 employees

its professional sales team provides sales services for products in the entire Asia Pacific region

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