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Investigation report on the operation and employment of industrial automation, communication and other industries under the economic crisis

from December 23 to 29, we made a questionnaire to understand the impact of the current economic crisis on China's electronic enterprises and practitioners. We received a total of 89 independent and valid replies. Although the number of samples is small, it can probably reflect the actual situation

generally speaking, the impact of this economic crisis on China's electronic industry is extensive. The tension machine often used in the 60 games is equipped with a computer to control the whole operation process of the experiment and the storage and analysis of data. More than% of the companies where the participants are located have been affected, and more than 10% of them are on the verge of bankruptcy or have closed down because of their functions of fire prevention, heat preservation, installation and continuous optimization of catalyst performance decoration. 36% responded that their company was not significantly affected. Only 2% of the respondents answered "the company's operation is better than before"

87 celebrities answered questions about the impact of the economic crisis on themselves. Although the companies where most people work have been impacted, the living conditions of most employees have not been significantly affected. Nearly 60% of the participants answered that they were "still the same". About 20% of the people were unfortunately reduced, and another 15% were even more unfortunate to be laid off. Few people change jobs or get a raise. It can be said that in this cold economic winter, no news is good news

people participating in this survey are distributed in various industries, including consumer electronics, industrial automation, communications, instrumentation and other industries. The following is a specific analysis and comparison of the first three industries

there are 16 users working in the industrial automation industry. 56% and 19% answered "the company is difficult to operate but will not go bankrupt" and "the company has gone bankrupt", respectively, and only 25% answered "no significant impact". It can be seen that the impact of the economic crisis on the automation industry is still relatively large. Fifteen people answered about their personal employment status. One third of the people have been laid off and unemployed, and another 13% have been reduced their salaries. About half of the people were not affected

the consumer electronics industry seems to be much better than the automation industry. According to the answers of 17 insiders, 30% of the companies are on the verge of bankruptcy, but no one has answered that their companies have collapsed. Nearly half of the participants believed that their company was difficult to operate but would not fail, and a quarter said that the company had not been significantly affected. However, the employment situation in the consumer electronics industry seems to be unstable. Less than half of the people answered the same. More than half of the other people were either reduced, laid-off, or job hopping

the communication industry seems to be the most stable. Among the 11 participants, the companies of more than 60% of them were not significantly affected. Less than 20% of the participants' companies are on the verge of bankruptcy, and less than 20% of the participants' companies are struggling. No one answered that his company had collapsed. The employment situation is similar. More than 70% answered that it was the same, and less than 10% were reduced. However, 18% of the people were unfortunately laid off

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generally speaking, the stability of enterprises and employees is closely related to the scale of enterprises. The scale of communication enterprises is generally large, so they have strong storm resistance. Consumer electronics enterprises take the second place. The enterprises engaged in industrial automation are small in scale, so they are also the most unstable. The survey results also prove this point. If you like a stable job, communication major seems to be a good choice. If you like entrepreneurship, industrial automation may be easier to start

no matter what, the difficult period will pass sooner or later. I believe that spring will not be far away. We wish all enterprises a successful winter and all brothers and sisters a better year in 2009

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