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Operation and maintenance of vibrating screen

(1) when the screen machine leaves the factory, the exciter is filled with lubricating oil and has anti-corrosion performance. The validity period is three months. After the storage period exceeds three months, it can be operated for 20min, and the corrosion protection can be continued for three months. Clean lubricating oil must be replaced when working

(2) always keep the vent hole of the exciter unblocked (it is easy to cause oil leakage due to blockage). If there is still oil leakage after unblocking, replace the oil seal

(3) the normal operation of the bearing should not exceed 75 ℃. Because the new exciter has a running in process, the temperature may be slightly higher, but after running for 8 hours, the temperature should be stable. The above is determined by the technical data obtained by the author at the Pittsburgh technical center of Alcoa. If the temperature continues to be too high, the oil level, oil level and oil cleanliness should be checked

(4) ensure that the labyrinth groove is full of grease. When working in places with a large amount of dust, grease should be added more frequently

(5) when replacing the V-belt, completely loosen the motor anchor bolts, and easily put the V-belt into the pulley groove. It is not allowed to pry the V-belt with sticks or other objects. The tension of the V-belt must be appropriate, and the pulley must be aligned. After the tension is adjusted for the first time, work for 48h, and then adjust it again

(6) the bolts connecting the exciter and the screen box are high-strength bolts, which are not allowed to be replaced by ordinary bolts. The fastening must be checked regularly, at least once a month. Looseness of any one of the bolts will also cause other bolts to be cut off, causing damage to the screening machine

(7) where ring groove rivets are used for connection, it is allowed to replace them with high-strength bolts. All contact surfaces or holes should be free of iron filings, ash, oil, rust and burrs

(usually mineral oil with medium viscosity 8) the high-strength bolts, nuts and washers used must meet the requirements of technical conditions for high-strength large hexagon bolts, large hexagon nuts and washers for steel structures

(9) in order to prevent internal stress caused by welding, generally speaking, it is not allowed to weld the screen box and any auxiliary parts on site. When welding is necessary, it should be carried out by skilled operators. The following steps are recommended

a. to prevent crack extension, drill 6mm diameter holes at each end of the crack

b. use a round shovel to shovel the groove along both sides of the crack

c. preheat about 60 ℃, use 3mm diameter electrode (corresponding brand), and prevent any slag inclusion and meat biting

d. grind down the welding flesh protruding on both sides and weld the reinforcing plate

e. if it is necessary to weld on the cross beam of the sieve surface bracket, all welds should be parallel to the cross beam, and transverse welding is not allowed

f. when using AC welding, the screen box should be grounded to prevent current from passing through the bearing, otherwise, it is easy to cause damage to the bearing

(10) during flame cutting, stress will also be generated around the cutting surface, so it is recommended that any additional holes on the screen box should be drilled

(11) a special vibration damping rubber strip is equipped between the woven vibrating screen and the screen bracket,. In order to achieve the longest service life of the screen, the rubber strip should be properly located between the two, and the damaged vibration damping rubber strip should be replaced in time

(12) when replacing the woven screen, ensure that there is an equal gap between the plates on both sides of the screen box and the screen hook. First tighten the middle compression flat steel, and at the same time tighten the tensioning plate to keep the surface tension of the screen uniform, and gently tap along the whole length with a hammer to check the tension. If the contact is not good, the tension is not enough or uneven, which is one of the important reasons for the premature failure of the screen

(13) the guide angle steel of the tensioning plate is adjustable. When installing the screen, first 4. The digital display is similar to the oil source of the computer. Loosen the guide angle steel bolts so that the upper and lower parts can move. After the screen is placed properly, first screw the tensioning bolts to give a slight pressure to the tensioning plate, and then drive the guide angle steel until the screen is close to the screen surface bracket, and then firmly screw the guide angle steel bolts

(14) the length of the screen hook must be consistent with the length of the tensioning plate, When the hole diameter of the screen is less than 16mm, the screen needs to have a 20mm extension for lapping at one end

(15) when disassembling the vibrator of the vibrating screen, carefully disassemble it one by one from the outside to the inside to avoid artificial damage to parts and components. In particular, when disassembling the balance wheel, be sure to use the civil aircraft material utilization system disassembler suitable for all kinds of metal materials, non-metal materials and composite materials. The disassembled parts should be cleaned one by one and carefully inspected. If any damage is found, it should be repaired or replaced in time

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