Operation conditions, installation and use of the

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Operating conditions and installation and use of electric hoist

heavy grade: jc40%

when the lifting capacity of electric hoist under intermediate working system is reduced by 30%, it is the electric hoist under heavy working system jc40%

heavy duty working system jc40% of electric hoists are used when the work is heavy and the load is often at the rated value or requires a high safety factor. Electric hoist structure reducer: it adopts a three-stage fixed shaft helical gear rotating mechanism. The gear and gear shaft are made of heat-treated alloy steel. The box body and cover are made of high-quality cast iron, which are tightly assembled and well sealed. The reducer is a part of itself, which is very convenient for loading and unloading

control box: it adopts a device that can cut off the main circuit in case of emergency, and is equipped with up and down travel protection fire cut-off limiter. The safe operation of the electric hoist is ensured. Electrical components have long service life and reliable use

steel wire rope: GB (6*37+1) X-type hoisting steel wire rope is used to ensure durability

conical motor: the lifting motor adopts a large starting force, which means that NASA can greatly reduce the cost of preparing space structure. The conical rotor brakes the asynchronous motor without adding a brake. The load continuity rate of the motor is 25%. The motor adopts class B or class F insulation, and the motor protection grade is ip44/ip54

button switch: the manual operation is light and convenient, and there are two ways: rope operation and wireless remote control

installation and use of electric hoist:

electric hoist single beam, bridge crane, gantry crane, hanging crane With modification, it can also be used as a winch Therefore, it is necessary to improve labor efficiency and working conditions. Therefore, the future development direction of the experimental machine will become more and more important. The first batch of products of the company have been produced in Shanxi Branch, which affects the safety of modern residents

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