Daily maintenance skills of thermal power welding

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Daily maintenance skills of electric welding machine

electric welding machine is to use the high-temperature arc generated by the positive and negative poles in the instant short circuit to melt the solder and the welded material on the electrode, so as to achieve the purpose of combining them. The structure is very simple. It is a high-power transformer. Generally, the electric welding machine can be divided into two types according to the type of output power supply. One is AC power supply; One is DC. It is made by using the principle of inductance. When the inductance is connected and disconnected, it will produce huge voltage changes. The high-voltage arc generated by the positive and negative poles in the instant short circuit is used to melt the solder on the electrode to achieve the purpose of combining them. The electric welding machine can avoid microcracks in the biological environment, and the maintenance and repair can not be underestimated in the process of use

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daily maintenance skills of electric welding machines:

1. Check that the output wiring of the welding machine is standard and firm, and the outgoing line direction is close to the vertical downward direction, and the included angle with the horizontal must be greater than 70 °

2. Check the fastening of the screw at the cable connection. The screw specification is hexagon bolt M10 × 30. The flat pad and spring pad are complete without rust, oxidation and other adverse phenomena

3. Check that the exposed length of the cable at the wiring is less than 10mm

4. Check whether the welding machine shell is grounded firmly

5. Check whether the welding machine power supply and base metal grounding are good and standard

6. Check that the cable connection should be reliably insulated and wrapped with tape

7. Check whether the screen shield at the connection of power line, welding cable and electric welding machine is intact

8. Check whether the cooling fan of the welding machine rotates flexibly and normally

9. Whether the power switch, power indicator and adjusting handle knob are in good condition, whether the pointers of ammeter and voltmeter are flexible and accurate, and whether the surface is clear and free of cracks. The meter cover is intact and can be opened and closed freely

10. Check whether CO2 gas leaks

11. Check whether the appearance of the welding machine is good without serious deformation

12. Check whether the hexagon screw at the connection between the O2 welding gun and the CO2 wire feeder is tightened and whether the CO2 welding gun is loose

13. Check whether the cable and gas pipe of CO2 wire feeding device are plastic regeneration granulator, which generates the plastic raw materials required by the enterprise after treating the waste plastics in daily life, and whether they are wrapped and fixed

14. Check the wear of CO2 wire feeding device correction wheel and wire feeding wheel, and replace them in time

15. Check whether the motor fixing and insulating coil are intact

16. Check whether the remote control box on the CO2 wire feeding device is loose

17. When checking and installing the CO2 welding gun, tighten the switch plug of the welding gun and insert it into the guide groove. After the welding gun is installed, tighten the fastening screws

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