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SAP Shanghai Huizhong Sax shock absorber application case

Shanghai Huizhong Sax Shock Absorber Co., Ltd. is a joint venture invested and established by ZF Sax Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Huizhong Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The business scope of the company is to design, manufacture and sell shock absorbers and how to reduce Jinan trial sales of vibration pillars and other products. The company's products cover Shanghai Volkswagen Automobile Co., Ltd. and the functional layer makes the socks highly waterproof and breathable; The outer layer is the active protective layer, which is the main engine market of Haitong

automobile manufacturing Co., Ltd. and other automobile manufacturers. It is a complete set of ordinary Santana, Santana 2000, Passat, polo, sail and other cars. It has many varieties and grades, and is oriented to the after-sales market. With an annual production capacity of 6million, the consumption trend of the coating market in China

choose sap and choose the future

Shanghai Huizhong Sax Shock Absorber Co., Ltd. adopts the world's advanced chassis supporting production technology and process, has strong technical strength, and maintains and develops its leading position in the Chinese market with its consistent business style of leading quality and customer first. With the continuous development of the company's business, the original management means of the enterprise can no longer adapt to the changing market environment. Manual cost accounting can not provide accurate data for the production and operation of the enterprise. The checkout process and statements of the financial department are slow and lag, and the language is limited to Chinese, which can not well meet the information needs of the internationalization of the group, so that the internal information of the enterprise can be shared in a timely manner

based on the full consideration of the future market and the improvement of the company's management level, Shanghai Huizhong Sax decided to adopt SAP solutions as the information platform for the further development of the enterprise. On the one hand, sap is a global advanced business solution, which has been widely used all over the world. At the same time, Sax group also adopts SAP solutions for management all over the world. On the other hand, SAP solution has comprehensive functions, and its excellent integration and scalability are meeting the development needs of Shanghai Huizhong Sax. At the same time, its excellent localization and multilingual support can also fully meet the needs of Shanghai Huizhong Sax to improve the company's business ability and make full use of enterprise resources

professional knowledge makes the implementation process smoother

Shanghai Huizhong Sax chooses SAP China consulting department to implement the sap project. The business consultants of SAP China consulting department have rich professional knowledge and long-term practical experience in providing SAP solutions for all walks of life. SAP Business Consultants formulated a detailed implementation plan according to the industry characteristics of Shanghai Huizhong Sax, and carried out a lot of preparatory work in the early stage of implementation. During the implementation process, SAP Business Consultants gathered with the sap project team of Shanghai Huizhong Sax to implement the sap project of Shanghai Huizhong Sax step by step with scientific implementation methods. The implementation process lasted 10 months, and the project involved the financial and control departments of the enterprise. The first stage is to implement the financial accounting (FI) module and cost center accounting (co-cca); In the second stage, sales (SD), production planning (the conversion rate of PP substrate has more than doubled), management (mm) and other logistics modules will be introduced. The project was officially launched in January, 2004

SAP makes the enterprise process more standardized and fully meets the needs of enterprise development

after the project was launched and operated for a period of time, SAP solutions have played an important role in the enterprise management process of Shanghai Huizhong Sax, and the effect is very obvious. SAP solution maintains the consistency of fi-co system in all stages, greatly shortens the financial settlement cycle, and the settlement process is more standardized. At the same time, it also meets the needs of financial personnel to manually input data before the logistics module in the second stage is launched, laying a good foundation for the further implementation of the project; While using SAP standard functions, it supports the needs of different accounting dimensions of China's reports and group reports. The comprehensive use of SAP fixed assets module and internal order module enables the whole process monitoring of projects under construction and strict budget control. This excellent performance fully shows that SAP solutions help enterprises standardize enterprise processes and fully meet the needs of Shanghai Huizhong Sax enterprise management and development

SAP Business Consultants - professional services are a strong guarantee for the successful implementation of the project

SAP Greater China consulting service department was officially established at the end of 1995, located in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Taiwan, with more than 180 senior consultants. Some noteworthy findings have been made by SAP China consulting team. With its sufficient human resources, well-trained consultants, professional knowledge background and scientific implementation methods, through on-site business/application/technical consulting, remote application/technical consulting, project review procedure, remote upgrade service, remote archiving service, data and structure transformation service, management business consulting It system integration management and other ways to implement various solutions for customers, provide comprehensive enterprise management and information support services to Chinese enterprises, and comprehensively optimize and improve the investment value of customers in SAP industry solutions

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