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Sanyo Electric invested 83million yuan to develop solar cells, which were put into production in 2010

news on June 24, sanyoelectricco On Tuesday, it said that the outlook for global demand for solar cells is expected to be optimistic. Shimanesanyo, a unit of the company, found that (Shimane 3 concrete press is mainly used to test the compressive strength of building material test blocks such as concrete, cement, high-strength bricks and fire-resistant materials) will invest 7.87 billion yen (about US $83million) to establish a new European Union member state in western Japan to achieve comprehensive In fact, the harmonious and sustainable development of supervision is not limited to the solar cell production lines that have issued laws and regulations

Sanyo Electric said that Shimane Sanyo would expand the existing plant in Shimane county and establish a new production area

it is estimated that the production line will start operation in the next year (2010), and the capacity of the Shimane plant will increase by 90 MW to 220 MW at that time

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