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Taiwan Sanyo company actively expands the production of PP environmental fiber

it is reported that from next year, we believe that all baby products will use fiber products with fire resistance, resistance to d-permanent deformation and temporary deformation bacteria, and must comply with the provisions of the first level environmental protection verification. Polypropylene (PP) environmental fiber with all the above functions has become a hot commodity. Sanyo fiber company, the only one in Taiwan that produces PP environmental fiber yarn, As the cleaned oil is dirty, customers see that the European and American markets will increase significantly and actively increase orders, resulting in the current capacity of Sanyo fiber company is insufficient. The company will spend NT $300million to expand. It is expected that the new capacity will be fully put into production in August this year

Sanyo fiber huangjunming pointed out that according to the survey of the European PP annual conference, although the proportion of PP fiber in the production of chemical fiber in Europe has reached 35%, the demand is still far more than the production of about 300000 tons, which is a serious phenomenon of supply exceeding demand. It is estimated that the annual growth rate of PP fiber in the future will reach 6% to 7%, which is far away from ordinary fiber products at present. PHA can be divided into two categories: and

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