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Sanyo has successfully developed a manufacturing wastewater treatment equipment

Sanyo Electric Company and Sanyo Aqua technology company of Japan have jointly developed a wastewater treatment equipment "slurry closer", which is used for low-cost treatment of wastewater discharged from the production process of semiconductor factories

"slurry closer" is mainly used to treat the sewage discharged from the chemical mechanical grinding (CMP) process (). The CMP process refers to grinding the surface of silicon wafer with abrasive cloth. Because the abrasive slurry containing steel grit is used as the abrasive, the discharged sewage contains steel grit with a diameter of less than tens of nanometers and debris ground from the surface of silicon wafer

this kind of wastewater used to be treated by coagulation, sedimentation and filtration, just like the wastewater in other semiconductor manufacturing processes. However, because a large amount of coagulant must be used, and the filter will also form eye blockage, the operation efficiency is low and the cost is high

Sanyo Electric and other companies independently developed ultra-low pressure filtration technology by using impregnated flat membrane this time. Using CMP drainage to generate gel layer on the filter can be an excellent insulating material, which can be separated into water and particles correctly. Not only the processing cost is greatly reduced, but also the single arm tensile testing machine can be recycled. It is widely used in all kinds of rubber and plastic, footwear, leather, clothing, textiles, insulators, terminals And other materials to particles that may be used as recycled resources

Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. and other companies will work with Professor Nakamura of the Institute of multi material science of Northeastern University in Japan to develop the reuse and use of solid particles collected by the Jinmen Brinell hardness tester test method in Jinan

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