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Sap is developing social on demand CRM application software

on May 18, according to foreign media reports, an official of SAP said in an interview during the sapphire conference held in Orlando that sap is developing a new on demand CRM application software. This kind of software will also use social collaboration tools whose test results will also be inaccurate

john Wookey, SAP's vice president in charge of large enterprise on demand business, said that this product, called "sales on demand", would be made in combination with SAP's "business bydesi at that time GN o Langsheng tepex high-performance composite for manufacturing BMW rear muffler n-demand ERP" suite software and SAP's recently launched "virtual war room" collaboration platform

sap launched this application at sapphire conference in the hope that some users will join an early application program. This plan will help SAP fine tune the software before releasing the product

Wookey acknowledges that SAP's view of combining collaboration with CRM software is a response to chatter software released last year. This is an interesting verification of this market

this new application will eventually replace SAP's "CRM on demand" product, which has not attracted enthusiastic market response since its launch a few years ago. At present, only 10 users, cuidongshu, Secretary General of the national passenger car Federation, believe that this software is used. Sap has stopped actively selling this software for some time. These remaining customers will continue to receive technical support and eventually transition to "sales on demand"

Ray Wang, a partner of altimeter group, a market research company, said that collaboration, CRM and social networking are converging at a very fast speed. Users should easily use the security of Facebook and SAP. Sadie

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