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SAP applications landing in Windows azure public cloud in China

windows azure operated by 21vianet provides a public cloud platform for SAP applications

ctiforum July 11 news (Li Wenjie): Recently, SAP China and Microsoft (China) announced that they would carry out in-depth cooperation in China, Use the windows azure public cloud platform operated by 21vianet to provide reliable public cloud platform support for SAP user applications. This cooperation is an extension of the global partnership between sap and Microsoft, aiming to bring users enterprise management solutions in the cloud era with reliable, efficient, flexible and low-cost public cloud solutions

sap Greater China President Mark Gibbs said: SAP focuses on providing our customers with the most cutting-edge cloud based innovation and unparalleled value. The cooperation between sap and Microsoft will help us open up new markets and expand our existing solutions

Ralph haupter, senior vice president of Microsoft worldwide, chairman and CEO of Greater China, said: SAP and Microsoft have a long history of cooperation. In this era of mobile and cloud first, we expect to meet the diversified needs of users through the in-depth cooperation between the two sides. As the first public compressive testing machine officially commercialized in China, it is the most direct testing instrument for testing the compressive strength of cartons or other packaging containers. There is a cloud platform. Windows azure, operated by 21vianet, will bring SAP users a first-class cloud computing experience with internationally leading technology and services. It further demonstrates our commitment to meet customer needs and provide applications and services

SAP applications run on Windows azure public cloud

windows azure operated by 21vianet will fully support SAP Business Suite applications, business all in one solutions, SAP mobile application platform, SAP ASE data management and the developed version of SAP Hana memory computing platform. In addition, with SAP's cloud appliance library, Microsoft and SAP expect users and developers to deploy and use a series of preset SAP solutions, which can be easily accessed in a few minutes

both new and old users of SAP system can adopt windows azure operated by 21vianet. This public cloud service adopts the on-demand billing method, so it can significantly reduce infrastructure costs and total cost of ownership (TCO). Users can realize computing needs such as rapidly expanding capacity on Windows azure, which supports SAP solutions, and pay on demand

meet user needs and expand customer revenue

it is of practical significance to study the fatigue resistance of metal materials through experiments

compared with traditional methods, deploying SAP applications to windows azure can mainly bring the following benefits:

the deployment efficiency of IT infrastructure system is increased by 200~300 times

pay as you need, the total cost of deploying SAP applications can be saved by 40% - 75% if the dynamometer device is left

rapid deployment can be completed within 20 minutes

save 60% of the storage cost, and can quickly restore the system state on demand

the existing data center can be migrated to the cloud without additional expenses

about SAP

as the world's leading provider of enterprise application software solutions, SAP can help companies of all sizes and industries achieve better operations. From enterprise backstage to company management, from factory warehouse to store, from computer desktop to mobile terminal, SAP helps users and enterprises collaborate more efficiently, gain business insight more effectively, and maintain a leading position in the competition. SAP applications and services can ensure that more than 258000 customers achieve operational profitability, continuous self adjustment and steady growth

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