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there are several kinds of home doors, including unit door, entrance door, bedroom door, kitchen door, toilet door, study door, etc. Among these doors, the entry door is the most important, and it has the greatest impact on the home. For this reason, we have also sorted out how to recruit money at the entrance door, hoping to bring you many benefits ~

1. Keep your door clean

Feng Shui believes that the door of the house is the mouth of the house to receive gas, and the entrance and exit of gas are mainly here, so its importance can be imagined. If there is not a clean and unobstructed environment at the door, but all kinds of sundries and garbage are piled up, it will lead to poor gas transportation and bring many adverse effects to the homeowner in many ways

2. The environment around the gate


according to the traditional Feng Shui concept, "left green dragon, right white tiger", so we must look at the situation on the left and right sides of the gate. If you want to highlight the position of white tiger on the right, you'd better not show or put anything. Feng Shui books say that white tiger probe will hurt people, and people in the family are prone to accidents or often get sick. It's better not to highlight the position of the left Qinglong. It's not a problem to highlight it


the size of the residential door should be moderate. If it is too large, the main body will be discouraged and will not gather gas, which does not conform to the Feng Shui principle of hiding wind and gathering gas, and if it is too small, it will affect the effect of gathering gas

3. Door to door affects fortune

we all know that air is circulating, and the constantly flowing air flow will directly affect the aura field in the home. Doors are called air vents in Feng Shui, so different doors produce different gases, thus forming a "door rush", and if doors are opposite to doors, it is a fierce phenomenon in Feng Shui. For people who live in houses for a long time, fortune, emotion, career Health and other aspects have a great impact. There are many quarrels

4. The door is facing the elevator

with the continuous increase of high-rise buildings, the phenomenon of the door facing the stairs can be seen everywhere, whether in residential houses, apartments, or office buildings. This phenomenon is unlucky in Feng Shui, because Feng Shui likes music rather than straight. Pay attention to the accumulation of wind and Qi, and avoid being scattered and helpless. As for the degree of good or bad luck, it is directly related to the role of doors and stairs. The elevator faces the user's door, which is particularly detrimental to people's financial fortunes, and the elevator and people's voice also constitute a brake

5. Use of doormat

there are high thresholds under ancient doors, which can block the entrance of evil spirits outside in geomantic omen. The design of modern buildings has eliminated the threshold, or the threshold has become very low. The modern Feng Shui solution is to use the stepping hall in front of the door. It can be dissolved according to the tread mats of different colors. At the same time, a set of five emperors' money is placed under the tread mats, which can play the role of wealth and disaster relief

6. Layout of wealth inside the door

the door is also a treasure land of wealth that cannot be ignored, and the porch at the door is a place of wind and gas accumulation. You can place some plant flowers, or Feng Shui wheels, fish tanks, or hang them, which can play a role of wealth

7. Wonderful use of door god

when welcoming the new year, stick the word "Fu" on the outside of your door, implying that good luck will arrive in a good year and good luck will continue. Or post two door gods, Qin Qiong and Jingde, to protect peace

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