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Is it better to paint or stick wallpaper for decoration? Many people are very entangled with this problem, thinking that it is too simple to brush all latex paint, and that it is too fancy to stick all wallpaper, so they are impatient to look at it. Today, I invited my teacher Fu to analyze the price, decoration effect and environmental protection

price many people think that pasting wallpaper saves budget. In fact, just like the latex paint used for painting latex paint has different prices, so does wallpaper. In addition, in terms of labor cost, painting is relatively expensive, because most paint manufacturers do not provide free painting services, and most wallpaper manufacturers promise to paste for the owner free. Of course, if they complete painting or posting by themselves, they do not need to consider labor cost. However, in terms of service life, painting is indeed longer than wallpaper, and the cost and difficulty of re construction are also easier than wallpaper

decoration effect wallpaper has various patterns and rich colors, either stable and generous, or cheerful and warm, or landscape painting, or cartoon mythological world... When decorating, it can be combined with the overall style of the room, giving people the feeling of being in the painting, and enhancing the visual richness and effect. However, some people feel that the long-term living environment is not necessary to be too fancy, just simple, generous and comfortable. However, the painting color is single, the selectivity is poor, and the aesthetic requirements are low, but its requirements for the base layer of the wall are not as high as wallpaper. Even if the wall is slightly convex and concave, the effect of painting is difficult to be seen with the naked eye, and the later maintenance and repair are relatively simple

from the perspective of environmental protection, many owners believe that wallpaper is more environmentally friendly than painting. Their reason is that wallpaper is, after all, a handicraft, while paint is a chemical. In fact, it is not. In terms of current technology, it is normal that the formaldehyde test result of large brand latex paint is zero. The difference is reflected in the pollution of volatile organic compounds (VOC). High quality brands will strictly control the VOC content in products. PVC wallpaper will produce a lot of formaldehyde during the printing process, and wallpaper pasting requires glue, which is also one of the sources of formaldehyde. If you can choose some vegetable glue for pasting, it will reduce pollution, but you need to be careful when choosing vegetable glue to prevent fake and inferior products

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