Fashionable Brown decoration 130 flat simple beaut

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This set of cases covers an area of 130 square meters, and the overall color is mainly brown. Combined with the lighting design, the indoor space looks very comfortable. In the functional area design, the designer is committed to creating a fashionable and spacious visual and physical experience. In addition, the setting of the bar in the dining area also fully reflects the owner's pursuit of quality of life

this is looking at the dining room and the living room from the entrance. These two spaces are very large. I like this kind of tonal space. I feel comfortable when I look at it. When my friends come, they will also give people an impression of generosity

there is a small landscape on this wall, which I copied from the pictures on the Internet. It's very special. At that time, I thought that if this place didn't put anything, it would certainly appear empty

the color of the wall and the color of the floor are all selected by my colleagues. I'm really grateful to half of the designer's colleagues for their guidance in the whole process of decoration




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