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Many parents choose to redecorate the children's room in the summer, so what should we pay attention to when decorating the children's room

1. Safety is the most important

children's awareness of self-protection is very weak, so parents should pay more attention in this regard. When buying furniture and indoor supplies, try to buy some round furniture, the less the power supply, the better, and don't put some sundries on the floor. Don't forget the power socket, the switch should be added with a safety cover, and the electrical appliances should be added with protective devices, so that your baby won't directly touch the bulb and heater, etc. Do not use floor lamps, floor fans, etc. to prevent the baby from tripping and electric shock accidents

2. In terms of environmental protection, environmental protection is also very important. When decorating the children's room, we should use green environmental protection materials and choose some natural materials, especially waterproof paint, adhesive, paint solvent (thinner), putty powder, etc. The best thing to pay attention to is not to stick wallpaper. Because it can reduce pollution. When choosing wood for decoration, we should choose wood that is more environmentally friendly and economical, so as to ensure that the environment of children's rooms will not be polluted

3. The collocation of colors should not be ignored.

in the color and space collocation of children's room, it is best to choose bright, relaxed and happy, add more contrasting colors, and cultivate their optimistic and upward character. Avoid using some ferocious and grotesque images and dark colors to make young children have terrible associations

4. Furniture decoration

children don't need too much furniture in their room. But for children, the arrangement of beds is very important. To ensure good air circulation and good lighting in the children's room, the bed in the children's room should be placed in a place with good light. Like other furniture, we should also consider many aspects, such as choosing furniture with rounded corners, etc

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