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On March 12, 2019, the "Hennessy doors and windows Cup" Golf New Year kick-off race was grandly held at the top ten golf courses in China: Taoyuan golf course in Nanhai, Foshan. This race was exclusively named by Hennessy doors and windows

on March 12, 2019, the "Hennessy windows and doors Cup" Golf New Year kick-off was grandly launched at the top ten golf courses in China: Taoyuan golf course in Nanhai, Foshan. This competition was exclusively named by Hennessy windows and doors. Hennessy doors and windows advocates art and taste life, which coincides with golf. It hopes to convey a beautiful lifestyle and noble artistic consciousness to the society through golf, and bring green and healthy sports and artistic taste to daily life

golf is known as gentleman's sport because it represents: City, perseverance, respect and integrity. This sport can not only strengthen the body, but also cultivate good values, so as to benefit for life. In recent years, the golf industry has developed vigorously. Chinese young players have won the championship of the China open for two consecutive years. Golf has officially become an Olympic event and a National Games event in 2016

feel the movement cells in the movement of more than 600 muscles in the whole body & The perfect combination of artistic cells, golf is not just swing and hit, but the ultimate challenge to self willpower. Golf is a noble sports culture and an international language. As an Olympic project, golf will become more and more popular all over the world

the golf new year kick-off race is about to open. Hennessy doors and windows, with its exclusive naming, will continue its consistent public welfare mission, contribute more positive energy to the society with practical actions, and aim to appeal to all sectors of society to receive green forces from the world with a healthier heart while promoting all kinds of sports, From the sports art, feel the health and environmental protection concept of Hennessy doors and windows and the noble art philosophy of Hennessy. Next, we look forward to the wonderful coming

"Hennessy door and window Cup" Golf New Year kick-off match

March 12, 2019

China ・ Foshan Nanhai Taoyuan Golf Course

we sincerely invite you to enjoy the wonderful finals




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