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Color is becoming more and more important in our life. Whether it's our dressing, home decoration or color matching, under the condition that our life is surrounded by fashion, the wall color is no longer monotonous white, but the embodiment of personal personality. Now let's take a look at the decoration wall color effect drawing with Xiaobian for your reference

cool colors and colors with low brightness can make people concentrate and stabilize their emotions, which is suitable for use in the study. Warm and bright colors can activate people's emotions, and are suitable for use in restaurants and living rooms. Using dark wallpaper on the far wall of the room will make the wall move forward. Color can change people's sense of the shape of the room to a certain extent. For example, cool wallpaper can make the lower ceiling look higher and narrow rooms wider. The best colored wall area should be smaller, and the decorative effect is relatively easy to be widely accepted. If it is used in a large area, it is recommended to use it carefully unless you have a good sense of color and art skills

decoration wall color effect picture I

this is the decoration effect picture of the wall color of the living room. We can learn from the picture that the choice of color is: white, red. Generally speaking, red is a difficult color to grasp. If you don't grasp it well in the process of decoration, it is easy to make people feel uneasy. Therefore, when the designer makes a choice, the overall wall color is white. With white as the main color, then red is used as the decorative tone, and it is not a direct choice of paint, using the form of murals. This decoration form avoids the element of uneasiness we mentioned earlier. It is a very clever design

decoration wall color effect drawing II

the main colors of the wall color of home decoration: white and light yellow. Light yellow is a kind of warm tone, and white is a kind of high, cold and elegant tone. The collocation of these two tones is more common, but it lasts for a long time. In the picture, the white ceiling sets off the overall layout of the living room, while the light yellow walls and floors with wood texture are used as the main tone, making the whole space dignified but soft. The wall paintings echo the main color of the space, which is the wall color

decoration wall color effect drawing III

the color of the wall in Figure III is similar to that in Figure II on the selected elements. They all use white and yellow, but the form used is different, and the color depth is also different, especially yellow, which uses darker colors to create a rural furniture style, natural and fresh, and green mural patterns are also used on the wall, The living room uses light green chairs to echo it, adding a little freshness

decoration wall color effect figure IV

figure the color elements selected for the four wall colors decoration are: jujube red, light yellow, white, dark gray. The dark gray series is used in the TV background wall with jujube red borders, and the white series is used in the ceiling of the living room with jujube red lines, which looks elegant and fashionable. The wall of the whole living room is light yellow with paper texture, combined with the decoration of jujube furniture and frame. It can be said that although the jujube use area is small, it includes the overall framework of the living room

that's all for the color rendering of the decoration wall. Are there any decoration colors you like? You can also share your favorite decoration style and decoration color with each other! If you want to know more information, you can follow the information





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