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Wuxi netizen [yasj888 (* stepping on the snow *)] said: thanks to the close cooperation of the first house, I enjoyed the intimate quality and service of belle; In addition, in the first house decorated last year, the cabinet was originally made by carpenters, and its choking smell still refuses to dissipate after one year, so this time, Xinran entrusted 95% of the carpentry work in the home (when Baili also did the gypsum ceiling, so that the carpenter would lose his job) to professional Baili to build, hoping to enjoy the “ Five star service &rdquo

from August 8, Baili cabinet should “ Five Star Tour ” At my invitation, Belle came to the door for the first time to measure the area. Soon, according to my requirements, she took out the drawings of cabinets, shoe cabinets, side cabinets, study hanging cabinets, master bedroom wardrobe, and balcony storage cabinets. She also took the initiative to advise me and designed a decorative cabinet for the aisle, which made the originally narrow and ordinary aisle have a bright spot and shortened the aisle visually

9.25 after the careful retest, design and communication of Baili Xiaozu, the cabinets, shoe cabinets, master bedroom wardrobe, secondary bedroom wardrobe, balcony cabinet and window top (including window sill plate) of the snow house have been finalized, and we are glad to go to Baili Xihu Road store to sign a contract

on October 19, the wooden floating window top will be installed! This floating window countertop has been easy to draft. The original material has considered marble, quartz stone and composite floor; The drift window opening is also considered to be moved to the front of the drift window, and the actual construction negates the above scheme

considering that the bay window faces northwest, there is no strong light, and the wood is not likely to deform; Secondly, marble and quartz countertops are relatively heavy, which is not suitable for active countertops, so it is best to use the cabinet board of Jilin Lushui River to create an active floating window countertop. Considering the consistency and echo of the color, I chose the same North American maple color as the shoe cabinet and wardrobe

because my floating window countertop is not very square, the three customized boards can't match the countertop well. The little master of Baili installation did not give up because of the difference between the board and the actual table, but slowly cleaned and adjusted the joints between the board edge and the floating window cement table without affecting the beauty of the panel, until the most beautiful effect was achieved

in consideration of environmental protection factors, this decoration I threw the windowsill panel from marble to environment-friendly, radiation-free, high temperature resistant and color impermeable quartz stone, and entrusted this task to Baili, which I always trust

the quartz stone I chose is bilite, the main quartz stone product of Baili. I chose this light coffee color. It is said that Baili specially bought the goods for my less suitable color, and the installation effect has also been affirmed by the snow family

on October 24, Baili came to three masters. It took 12 hours from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and the cabinets, wardrobes, lockers, wine cabinets and balcony cabinets of the snow treading home made a magnificent debut, which made them feel magnificent

I choose the configuration of Baili Royal supreme series, that is, Saint Mark UV baking paint + quartz table top, Blum damping hinge, Austrian vapor support, damping extraction, a full set of stainless steel basket and seasoning rack

the wardrobe is made of Jilin Lushuihe plate, with 18mm cabinet body and door plate and 9mm back plate

due to the quality problem of the wall surface of the house, they don't have much expectation on the flatness of the wall surface, top surface and ground, but the large difference has caused great trouble for the construction of the three masters. From shoveling the wall surface to adjusting the skirting line, from fine-tuning the size of the cabinet board to adjusting the capping board, the three masters try their best to achieve the best effect

cabinet installation:

look at Baili's hardware accessories:

cabinet door installation:

silver UV paint baking board has a good color, solemn and elegant, which matches the silver and white ceiling and complements each other

wardrobe installation:

the wardrobe of the second bedroom integrates the wardrobe and the hanging cabinet, and the storage space is very large

wardrobe in the master bedroom:

the wardrobe is about ten centimeters away from the top, with a ceiling board made on it. I think if the top is completely achieved, it may not be installed because the top surface and the ground are not absolutely horizontal. Because the calculation of my wine cabinet is too accurate and the verticality of the wall is not enough, it took Baili's installer a long time to remove part of the wall before installation

master Baili also made a small stool for me with leftover materials

on November 1, master Baili came to install the quartz stone countertops of cabinets and balcony cabinets

cutting - Installation - grinding - Cleaning - Installation of gas pipe sealing plate and water retaining. The master did it very seriously

I also installed a quartz countertop on the balcony cabinet

the master also helped me process the hole under the bay window, and the hole is much smoother

table experience:

1) the hardness of quartz table is relatively hard, but because it needs to be polished during installation, the gloss will disappear after polishing, and it looks very obvious when facing the light. Therefore, future maintenance cannot be polished, and seamless splicing cannot be achieved. In addition, because the water retaining strip is directly placed on the table, there are dead corners, which are easy to accumulate dust in the future and are not easy to clean. Conclusion: durable but not durable

2) the hardness of acrylic table is worse than that of quartz, so it needs to be polished again every year. But it can be seamlessly spliced, and the appearance is very good. As long as the old one is polished and waxed again, it looks like a new one. Conclusion: durable but not durable

on November 5, little master Baili helped me install the shutter door, hanging rod, shelf and other hardware. In pursuit of perfection, I kept the young man busy until about 7 p.m., during which time I kept receiving work calls from the store, saying that there were still 3-4 customers waiting! According to my requirements, the young man completed the installation, adjustment and other finishing work to the letter

install the shutter door of the kitchen cabinet:

install the kitchen boom:

install the shelf of the master bedroom and sunshine cabinet. This shelf was originally seen in a netizen's post, and fell in love at first sight, so I decided this shelf to belle. The actual installation effect is very practical and beautiful

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