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Chengdu seamless steel pipe plant will be listed in ERP

I. company profile

continuously develop the potential of plastic raw materials

Pangang Group Chengdu Seamless Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. was formerly the only professional seamless steel pipe production base in China, which was established in 1958, and still occupied a dominant position in the domestic market until the end of 1980s. Over the past 40 years, the company has produced 8.7 million tons of seamless steel tubes, including 310000 tons of export products, which has created 2.5 billion benefits for the country and earned 223.29 million US dollars in foreign exchange through export. It is one of the top 500 large enterprises in China. The company produces more than 7700 varieties and specifications, and its products are widely used in all walks of life in national economic construction. After Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group merged the former Chengdu seamless steel pipe company last year, it realized a one-year turnaround and made a slight profit. This year, it is expected to achieve an after tax profit of 50million yuan

II. History of information construction

our company is one of the enterprises that implemented information construction earlier in the iron and steel industry. The development and construction of enterprise MIS system began as early as 1985, and the company MIS system was established in 1987. The hardware of the MIS is VAX series minicomputer imported from digital company of the United States, the operating system is VMS, and the network adopts 10M Ethernet structure. It is mainly composed of three systems: production contract management system (production and sales management), quality management system and personnel and salary management system. Among them, the production contract management system was jointly developed by zz91 information: October 29 (3) 0 University of science and technology and our engineering and technical personnel. It points to more than 30 application departments and units, including the sales department, production department, personnel department, quality department, material center, product warehouse and related departments and production branches, with a total of more than 100 sites

III. current situation of information construction

so far, the three systems are still in operation, and the production contract management system and quality management system are still indispensable means in the operation and production management of our company. However, due to the early construction period, the relevant software and hardware technologies are relatively backward, and the late update investment is not enough, spare parts can no longer be purchased. Due to the change of some management functions and business processes of the company, some software application functions can no longer meet the current requirements. The operation efficiency and reliability of the system have been reduced, and the difficulty and cost of maintenance are also increasing, which has restricted the current production, operation and management

with the development of computer technology and the needs of work, after the 1990s, the company has successively completed some partial projects of information construction, including: adding new PCs for office document processing to improve the level of office automation; The production scheduling management system of the periodic pipe rolling plant, the production management system of the alloy pipe plant and the sales management system of the East China area of the sales department are newly built; Set up company stations; Hospital outpatient and inpatient management system; Company financial computerization system; The company's archives management system under development; Equipment spare parts management system of the company; Material inventory management system of the company; Spot sales and inventory management system of sales department; Jintang Branch information management system, etc. So far, the company has 3 minicomputer systems, 8 host servers, more than 100 workstations, 3 PC dedicated servers, 500 pcs (sets) above 586, more than 100 printers and 7 local areas

in a word, the informatization construction of our company started early and achieved certain results. However, in recent years, due to various factors, the informatization construction of our company lags behind the development of the situation

IV. planning for informatization construction of the company

based on the international and domestic competitive environment, our company has made the decision to carry out informatization construction. The computer information management system of the company's information construction planning aims to scientifically optimize the production, operation and management business process of the enterprise by using the ERP management idea. Taking the computer network management system as a means and using the "dynamic modeling" method, the company first solves the collection, statistics and analysis of the relevant information of the supply chain (i.e. logistics system) urgently needed in the production and operation activities of the enterprise at present and in the future, So that the enterprise decision-makers can get all kinds of accurate and timely information in the production and operation activities of the enterprise at the first time, so as to make timely and accurate decisions on the changing market conditions, provide scientific auxiliary means for the production, operation and development of the enterprise, and transform the pyramid management of the enterprise into flat management

at the same time, the design and implementation of the system should meet the overall requirements of the group company's information construction. The proposed system can be synchronized with the group company's information construction, especially in terms of information coding, which must be consistent with the group company, so that it can easily realize data exchange with the group company's computer management system

in addition, the company's internal station will be established to realize the transmission of internal information; 2. Establish the classified office automation system of the material testing machine to realize the office work; The proposed system will be able to safely establish connections with the Internet and other external information and maintain close contact with external information. And keep up with the development of information technology, especially the development of e-commerce, to prepare enterprises for the realization of e-commerce

according to the above description, our company's information construction is expected to achieve the following objectives:

1 Establish a management mode of "integration and centralization" within the company

2. Realize the transformation from "function oriented" management to "process oriented" management

3. Optimize business process, standardize job responsibilities and quantify assessment indicators

4. Establish an effective organization on the basis of reorganizing business processes

5. Establish "supply chain" management and customer relationship management to speed up the response to the "personalized" demand of the market

6. Effectively control material flow, reduce inventory costs and operational risks

7. Realize the integrated management of capital flow, logistics and information flow

8. Establish the connection with the group company according to the requirements of the group company

9. Establish enterprise office automation system

10. Establish enterprise human resource management system

11. Establish the party masses management system

12. On the basis of the successful implementation of the above objectives, an Internet company station will be established, and a B2B e-commerce system will be established to realize the information release and bidding functions in advance. When external conditions are met, transactions can be carried out

the implementation of the planned system for the company's information construction is based on the supply

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