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On April 12, Jiangsu Chenguang coating Co., Ltd. cooperated with chengrongshi, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a polymer physical chemist, to establish a Jiangsu academician workstation in Nanjing University, which was approved by the Department of science and technology of Jiangsu Province. It has been confirmed that the use of carbon fiber has greatly affected the design of polar 1: the cross section of the roof is thin and Light and rigid carbon fiber profile type tag

it is understood that in order to open up new areas of the coating market, Jiangsu Chenguang coating Co., Ltd. has won the favor of Nanjing University, a national institution of higher learning, through a series of communication and negotiation with Academician chengrongshi of Nanjing University, his scientific research team and director ZhangXiaodong of the scientific research department. Chengrongshi, academician of chengrongshi, was employed by Chengguang company as the academic leader to establish the academician workstation of Jiangsu Province in cooperation with Nanjing University, which was approved by the Department of science and technology of Jiangsu Province and officially listed

Chenguang coating Co., Ltd. is a backbone enterprise of the national new coating base specializing in the R & D, production, sales, construction and technology related services of green functional high-grade coatings. It is the only coating high-tech enterprise in the province that has set up a postdoctoral workstation. The company has a provincial nano material application technology research center, which has won the titles of "national contract abiding and market-oriented enterprise", Jiangsu famous brand, Jiangsu famous trademark, etc., and has been listed in the first batch of independent innovation government green procurement list in Jiangsu Province

Cheng Rongshi, A native of Yixing, Jiangsu Province (e.g. clamp for plastic film, fiber, etc.). He graduated from the Graduate School of chemistry, Peking University in 1951 and was a famous polymer physical chemist. In 1991, he was elected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is now a professor and doctoral supervisor of the school of chemistry and chemical engineering, Nanjing University. On December 6, 2006, he was officially employed as the "Chenguang production, study and research base of Nanjing University of technology" Technology consultant

it is understood that the establishment of the enterprise academician workstation will guide the academicians and their innovation teams inside and outside the province to gather and serve the enterprises, overcome the core technologies of the industry, promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, cultivate the enterprise innovation talent team, provide strong support for enhancing the enterprise's independent innovation ability and market competitiveness, and serve as the world's leading third-party security organization. In addition, Jiangsu Provincial Department of science and technology will give appropriate financial support to the approved enterprise academician workstation, mainly for workstation condition improvement, project research and talent training

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