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Glass curtain walls under special inspection in Chengdu recently, glass curtain walls of buildings in Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou and other places burst and fell many times, injuring people. In order to prevent the "glass rain" incident from happening in Chengdu, from September 16, Chengdu will carry out a special inspection on the quality and safety of building curtain walls and large glass windows throughout the city

since its inception, glass curtain wall has been favored by many builders because of its light weight, short construction period and fashionable appearance. However, in the past month or so, there have been at least eight "glass showers" in Shanghai. Broken glass falls from high altitude with acceleration. When it reaches the ground, its power can be equivalent to a small shrapnel. It can even puncture the glass fiber reinforced plastic ceiling at the bottom of the building. Therefore, the risk is not small

many large buildings in Chengdu have adopted glass curtain walls as the main decoration, and no major accidents have occurred. However, in view of the increasingly frequent "glass rain" events, Chengdu will conduct a comprehensive inspection of all construction projects under construction including building curtain walls and large glass windows (with a single glass area of more than 3 square meters) in the city's five urban areas (including the high tech Zone) and all districts (cities) and counties. Specifically, all links such as materials, parts, components and welds of the curtain wall project shall be comprehensively inspected, and whether the glass anti thermal cracking design, glass installation dimensions meet the requirements of the regulations, as well as the width and thickness of the structural adhesive shall be inspected

it is understood that the inspection of the new or purchased drive can be divided into three stages: self inspection and rectification, urging rectification inspection and sampling report display inspection. According to the arrangement, the reducer will be connected to deduct points for the bad behaviors found in the special inspection, and the relevant units will be ordered to rectify the quality problems found in a timely manner. If the circumstances are serious, they will be reported to the Chengdu urban and Rural Development Commission for investigation and treatment

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