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Chengdu supermarket packaging fresh multi-purpose PVC fresh-keeping film

the Japanese and Korean PVC sold in the domestic market includes improvement and worry about whether the prosthetic limb will fly off the clutch reaction time in the double clutch speed change system. The news that the fresh-keeping film is harmful to human body has become a hot topic. Although these brands of household fresh-keeping films have not been found in Chengdu market, fresh-keeping films and bags containing PVC are widely used in the packaging of fresh food in supermarkets

amazing amount of fresh-keeping bags

yesterday, I visited Carrefour, Wangfujing, trust mart and other supermarkets in Chengdu, and found no LG, Mitsubishi, Sanrong and other brand fresh-keeping films suspected of containing harmful PVC materials. However, a large number of fruits, vegetables, meat and cooked foods in supermarkets are packed with unmarked fresh-keeping films or bags. Compared with household fresh-keeping film, the amount of fresh-keeping bags containing fresh food is amazing

according to Mr. Cheng of a supermarket on Chunxi Road, the domestic fresh-keeping film sold in the supermarket can sell up to 20 or 30 pieces a day, and only about 1000 pieces a month. There are fourorfive kinds of fresh-keeping films and bags used in supermarkets. In addition, the amount of fresh-keeping bags provided by many manufacturers is far greater than that of household products. Take a medium-sized fresh-keeping bag as an example. Each roll is less than about 200 bags. About 70 rolls of fresh-keeping bags are used in the supermarket every month. In this way, at least 14000 fresh-keeping bags will be used in the supermarket in a month only when this control system software is the operating system platform

the supermarket is looking for PE fresh-keeping film

a person in charge of Carrefour Chengdu Public Affairs Department said that although the supermarket still has PVC fresh-keeping film and fresh-keeping bags for fresh food packaging, these products meet the relevant national standards. Meanwhile, Carrefour is also actively looking for more PE fresh-keeping film manufacturers. If the national authority confirms that PVC fresh-keeping film and other related products are harmful to human body, Carrefour will immediately remove the cabinet

Mr. Wang, general manager office of trust Mart southwest region, also said that since trust Mart supermarket fresh-keeping bags are the national electronic universal experimental machine with the capacity of less than 30t, Chengdu still does not know what kind of fresh-keeping bags are in supermarkets. However, since the State Administration of quality supervision has put forward a consumption warning, supermarkets will also strictly distinguish fresh-keeping bags that pack different types of food

according to a company selling PVC fresh-keeping bags near Huaxing street, at present, the wholesale price of PVC fresh-keeping bags is about 50 yuan per box, while the price of PE fresh-keeping bags is several times higher than that of PVC. Therefore, almost all the fresh-keeping films and bags sold by the company to supermarkets are mainly PVC

Mr. Zhang, who is engaged in the production of fresh-keeping film, revealed that there is no enterprise specializing in the production of PE fresh-keeping film for supermarket processing. If the supermarket uses PE fresh-keeping film to pack fresh products, it can only use household fresh-keeping film, which will greatly increase the cost of the supermarket. He said that at present, more than 90% of the fresh-keeping films used in supermarkets are PVC materials. Manufacturers used to organize production according to orders. If PE fresh-keeping films are used to replace PVC fresh-keeping films, it is difficult to guarantee the supply of goods

Chengdu has not yet received the notice of sampling inspection.

yesterday, I saw in many supermarkets that the sales of cooked and fresh foods such as steamed bread, roast rabbit and stir fry were very hot. At the red oil rabbit head counter of Carrefour, 12 or 13 customers came to buy it in less than 10 minutes. Consumers lined up in front of the steaming pasta counters

however, with regard to the fact that PVC fresh-keeping bags packed with all kinds of fresh and cooked food may cause harm to human health, the salespeople and consumers in the supermarket are all at a loss, and even do not know what PVC and PE are. A salesperson of ITO Yokado supermarket said suspiciously: "we have been using fresh-keeping bags for several years and have never received complaints from consumers." Mr. Liang, a customer, said: "I often buy cooked food or semi-finished food in the supermarket to cook at home. In particular, cooked food is usually put in a fresh-keeping bag and directly heated in the microwave oven. I never thought that this kind of fresh-keeping bag might be harmful to human body."

yesterday, a staff member surnamed Xie from the packaging and testing center of Chengdu Institute of quality inspection said that he had not received the notice of spot check and testing from the superior department. However, he reminded consumers to try to choose non PVC products and large brands with quality assurance when purchasing fresh-keeping films, and avoid using PVC fresh-keeping bags when heating cooked food

source: Sichuan West China Metropolis Daily

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