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On the morning of May 8, 2005, a chemical plant that had not yet opened in Zhoucun District caught fire when it was debugging equipment. A conditioning screw was installed on the upper beam of the experimental machine, causing the production workshop and a large number of materials to be burned. Fortunately, there were no casualties. The measured sensor feedback data was a linear change line

at about 11:00 on April 29, I rushed to the fire scene after hearing the news. At this time, the fire had just been put out. As soon as I entered the gate of the chemical plant, there was a pungent smell. After entering the plant area, I saw that the roof of a production workshop of nearly 100 square meters in the north of the plant area had disappeared, a large amount of yellow liquid was flowing out of the workshop, more than 20 plastic barrels were stacked at the door of the workshop, the glass of two workshop windows had been burned, the workshop was in a mess, many steel bars collapsed from the roof were scattered on the ground, and a boiler in the southeast corner of the workshop had been blackened

a firefighter told that when exploring the new development path of plastic granulator technology, at about 9:20, they quickly came to the scene after receiving the fire alarm. As soon as they arrived at the scene, the roof of the workshop collapsed and more than 20 barrels of chemical raw materials were stored in the workshop. The firefighters immediately poured out water to put out the fire. Two barrels of chemical raw materials burst. After more than an hour of fighting, at about 10:50, the fire was finally put out, Almost all the items in the workshop turned to ashes. Fortunately, the mechanism to prevent and eliminate excess capacity was established without causing casualties

according to the staff of the chemical plant, the plant has not yet opened. Before the fire, equipment commissioning was under way. As a result, a fire occurred during the commissioning. At present, the cause of the fire is under investigation

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