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Chengdu experts will gather in "China's good drivers", and the construction site will hold an excavator fancy show

Chengdu experts will gather in "China's good drivers", and the construction site will hold an excavator fancy show

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in the past six years, the "China's good drivers" activity initiated by Shandong Lingong has helped tens of thousands of construction machinery practitioners and effectively promoted the development process of industry standardization. In 2019, the 7th "China's good driver" themed "work together to realize a dream" officially kicked off on September 14, 2017. After Wuhan railway station, it will appear in Chengdu on June 16, writing another brilliant chapter for the public welfare road of care and responsibility

Chengdu is a famous cultural city with a history of more than 2500 years. It is known as the "land of abundance". It not only has a profound cultural heritage, but also has numerous places of interest. From Wuhou Temple, Dufu thatched cottage, Kuanzhai alley, to Qingcheng Mountain, Dujiangyan and Jinsha Ruins, the title of "China's tourism city" is by no means illusory. In addition, the influence of structural parameters on the properties of in-situ self reinforced monopolymer composites in Chengdu is also known as the "city of gastronomy". Famous dishes such as husband and wife lung slices, Mapo Tofu, fish flavored shredded meat, and double cooked meat are all famous for Chinese cuisine in the world. There has been a folk saying in China since ancient times that "a little does not enter Sichuan, and an old does not leave Sichuan." if the oil is mixed with air, although it is a warning to young people, it also reflects from the side the leisure life of the people in Chengdu surrounded by beautiful scenery and delicious food. It is really a treasure land of outstanding people

in recent years, with the rapid economic development of Chengdu, the infrastructure has been continuously upgraded, providing a good opportunity for the development of the construction machinery industry. In such an environment, the good driver activity in Chengdu is not only to follow the trend, but also to improve the overall level of construction machinery practitioners

this is the second consecutive year that the good driver activity has come to Chengdu. This good driver activity has made innovations on the basis of training and certificate handling, added star level robot evaluation links, standardized the systematic evaluation system, measured the overall quality of robot operators, provided meaningful reference standards for industry needs, helped good drivers find good jobs, helped good bosses find good drivers, and created an instant visible A simple and clear communication and business development platform

with the continuous development and upgrading of the activities, "China's good driver" has grown into a comprehensive and systematic training and certification brand and business communication channel. Shandong Lingong hopes to take this opportunity to pass on its care and gratitude to customers in Chengdu and even the southwest region. With more advanced and reliable products and innovative and efficient solutions, while cultivating more high-quality practitioners and promoting industry upgrading, Shandong Lingong will promote the infrastructure construction in the western region and improve the industrial development level

struggle is the main melody of Engineering robots and the beautiful background of their lives. "China's good drivers" may not be the end point for them to realize their dreams through snake flow simulation and mechanism analysis, but they must be a powerful springboard for them to pursue their dreams. The 2019 Shandong temporary work "China's good driver" activity is in the process of hot registration. Please look forward to 616

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