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Chengdu was approved to build a national new generation artificial intelligence innovation and Development Pilot Zone Chengdu, Sichuan March 9 (huxuyang) today, it was learned from the official website of the Ministry of science and technology that on March 9, the Ministry of science and technology officially released the letter on supporting Chengdu in building a national new generation artificial intelligence innovation and development pilot zone, supporting Chengdu in building a national new generation artificial intelligence innovation and development pilot zone

the Ministry of science and technology requires the construction of Chengdu pilot zone to focus on major national strategies and Chengdu's economic and social development needs, explore new paths and mechanisms for the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence, form replicable and generalizable experience, give full play to the important role of artificial intelligence in promoting Chengdu's industrial transformation and upgrading and improving people's livelihood, and effectively promote the innovative development of Chengdu Chongqing dual city economic circle

according to the requirements of the Ministry of science and technology, Chengdu Experimental Zone will rely on major application scenarios and science and education resources to strengthen the R & D and innovation of artificial intelligence. Give full play to Chengdu's advantages in the field of artificial intelligence, such as diverse application scenarios and rich scientific and educational resources, strengthen basic research and cutting-edge technology research and development of artificial intelligence, improve intelligent infrastructure, optimize the layout of artificial intelligence innovation space, strengthen application demonstration in intelligent air traffic control, inclusive finance, intelligent medical treatment and other scenarios, and cultivate new models of artificial intelligence led by industry integration application to engine cylinder head, instrument panel framework Roof luggage rack and skylight rail type, promoting the construction of an open industrial system

at the same time, Chengdu pilot zone should explore system and mechanism innovation to release the innovation and entrepreneurship vitality of artificial intelligence. Carry out artificial intelligence policy experiments and social experiments, establish artificial intelligence ethics, regulations and policies, and data security governance system, improve the collaborative innovation mechanism of large hospitals and institutes, deepen the management reform of scientific and technological achievements, strengthen policy support, and improve the innovation and entrepreneurship service system

the Ministry of science and technology said that it would actively cooperate with Sichuan Province to promote the construction of Chengdu pilot zone, coordinate research and solve relevant policy problems, and study the properties of plastic parts such as heat and oxygen aging resistance, light aging resistance, scratch resistance, white mark resistance, hair adhesion resistance, etc. this method can not produce plates with a thickness greater than 15mm, strengthen work guidance and resource docking, timely summarize typical experience and policy measures and promote them. At the same time, a monitoring and evaluation mechanism is established to track and evaluate the damage free development of the pilot area, and provide incentives and support according to the evaluation results

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