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Strategically invest in the ideahub industrial ecosystem and jointly create a new era of intelligent collaboration

[Hainan, Sanya, October 10, 2020] Huawei intelligent collaboration, together with thousands of partners, will continue to gather in the field of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, publish the ideahub industrial ecological strategy, incubate a series of industrial application solutions with the support of open platforms and special funds, and enable the digital transformation of thousands of industries

at the meeting, the joint partners released the first batch of seven ideahub Industry joint solutions, and the ideahub industry ecological alliance was announced to be established

01. Open platform + special fund

strategic investment in ideahub industrial ecology

Huawei ideahub smart office new species, once released, quickly detonated the market, endorsed by more than 30 star entrepreneurs, became the chief experience officer of Huawei ideahub, and won a series of industry awards such as the global team collaboration End Innovation Award and the 2020 red dot design award

ideahub, as a star product, should not only meet the needs of enterprise smart office applications, but also be an intelligent entry for industry digital collaboration

Sun Quan, President of Huawei's intelligent collaboration field

interpret Huawei's ideahub industrial ecological strategy

create three centers: Huawei ideahub office treasure, which is committed to creating a productivity tool in the cloud era, helping enterprises realize office digitalization and industry production digitalization, and becoming an enterprise communication center, business decision-making center and industry enabling center

open core competencies and application markets: use ideahub to build a digital collaboration platform, open core competencies such as cloud, AI, audio and video to partners, and support partner integration and business innovation; At the same time, the two application market zones of Huawei application market and Huawei cloud market are used to help partners realize the business closed loop of applications

build two types of application ecosystems: Huawei focuses on ideahub's general office software and vertical industry applications

(1) the general office software ecosystem, based on the ideahub application zone of Huawei's application market, carries out special application adaptation and application recommendation, integrates core capabilities such as cloud conferencing and collaboration, provides a one click download entry, and provides users with a large number of office applications

(2) the vertical industry application ecosystem provides open tools and platforms around more than 20 vertical industry fields, such as medical treatment, education, government, transportation, finance, etc., to help partners carry out rapid application integration, and provides partners with a marketing, promotion and trading platform based on Huawei cloud market

invest in ecological special fund: in the next year, Huawei will invest 50million ideahub ecological special fund to provide partners with development support, certification services, joint marketing, excellent program incentives and other full process services, and incubate more than 100 industrial joint solutions around 20 key industry areas

02. Release of joint solutions for the seven ideahub industries

accelerating the digital transformation of the industry

this time Huawei selected a number of excellent industry solution partners and jointly released the first phase of joint solutions for the seven ideahub industries, marking the evolution of Huawei ideahub from office treasure to industry treasure. As Dr. Zhou Yuefeng, President of Huawei's data storage and machine vision product line, said, ideahub is an intelligent work platform. Huawei's ability to connect AI and cloud, together with the innovation of partners and the deep cultivation of the industry, burst out the passion spark of thousands of industries' innovation, and opened the great prelude to the digitalization of the industry

Donghua medical + Huawei ideahub huiyibao

film reading, collaborative consultation, and the whole process intelligent medical system, so that telemedicine benefits the people

Donghua software + Huawei ideahub financial treasure

smart marketing, smart operation, remote services, break the time and space limitations of the tangible points of the bank, and upgrade the smart bank with unbounded services

zishuxuntong + Huawei ideahub magic weapon

remote notarization, remote mediation, and judicial education provide one-stop comprehensive services for thousands of grass-roots judicial terminals, and justice is universal for the people

ault cloud + Huawei ideahub police treasure

police intelligence information, visual command, massive police services, rapid empowerment of grassroots police stations, from sweat police to smart police

Pingyun technology + Huawei ideahub party and government treasure

party construction, Party publicity, party and government, party and masses, spread the voice of the party, close the relationship between the party and the masses, and promote harmonious economic development

smart Park Software + Huawei ideahub smart classroom

live teaching, interaction, group discussion, teaching from a single mode to the whole process of teaching, learning, management and evaluation

ADIP + Huawei ideahub digital interaction

mr digital interaction, multi view 3D rendering, combining real-time rendering with real-time video streaming, and using new interactive technology to change the cognitive and collaborative mode

03. Solutions and policy support work together

help partners embark on the fast lane of growth

the release and on-site display of the seven ideahub Industry joint solutions fully demonstrates the huge market opportunities of intelligent collaboration in the digital transformation of the industry

in addition to launching a series of industry solutions, Huawei has also strengthened its policy support for partners, launched the prairie fire policy, and comprehensively enhanced its support from all aspects concerned by partners, such as policy incentives, marketing support, and service improvement, so as to share the 100 billion market

the partners were deeply encouraged. Miao Xiaowei, general manager of Guangzhou Lihua Information Technology Co., Ltd., shared his experience in expanding the ideahub market and being subject to environmental pressure and cost in recent years, and said that he would integrate industry solutions in many ways, seize the blue ocean market, based on Huawei, and make no progress

Zhang Jian of Zhengzhou Aolian Communication Technology Co., Ltd. shared the deep cultivation and sinking of the land market, and built the classification of fillers used more in plastics according to chemical composition as follows: the promotion effect of setting up an Intelligent Collaborative Yunlian exhibition hall on market expansion, and put forward the viewpoint of using industrial scene experience to help multi circle sales

04. Establishment of ideahub industrial ecosystem alliance

opening the curtain of digital transformation of the industry

establishment of Huawei ideahub industrial ecosystem alliance

around the new opportunities of 20+ industries, thousands of partners and 10 billion markets, Huawei ideahub industrial ecosystem alliance was officially announced to be established. The alliance will take industrial co construction and value sharing as the core concept of more convenient plastic bottle blowing process, and around ideahub, a digital collaboration platform, Fully connect and release the capabilities of cloud and AI, combine with the industrial innovative applications of partners, and become the incubator of ideahub industrial joint solutions

the alliance will continue to invite more partners to join, jointly seize the historical opportunity of new infrastructure, and open the curtain of digital transformation of the industry

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