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Strategy: deploy LTE TDD to further enhance the market value of mobile broadband

the integrated ecosystem is the key to promote the global development of LTE TDD

ctiforum news on March 26 (Li Wenjie): strategy analytics wireless network and platform (WNP) service released the latest research report, "LTE TDD has obtained important development opportunities in the global mobile broadband market thanks to integrated standards and global ecosystem", which pointed out, As a globally unified 4G standard, LTE is rapidly being established to effectively meet the growing needs of mobile broadband services with existing and new non paired or TDD spectrum resources. Strategy analytics suggests that the industry should seize the opportunity to create an integrated industrial ecosystem, which will provide strong support for the common development of LTE TDD and FDD

the focus of 4G LTE competition has shifted from network coverage to data rate and capacity. Now leading operators are not only exploring new frequency bands to deploy more LTE operator channels, but also reusing existing spectrum resources, and are constantly exploring new spectrum resources to support future business growth. In the short term, 3.5GHz is a good candidate frequency band for LTE TDD to provide fixed or wireless broadband access services, which will obtain completely accurate pluggability

Yang Guang, senior analyst of strategy analytics wireless network and platform services (WNP), said: the sprint spark plan has recently proved that LTE TDD provides an effective solution for mobile operators, which can not only help them use higher frequency bands to improve broadband network capacity, but also refarm lower frequency bands to provide good network coverage and effective use of spectrum. There are three kinds of spectrum: hydraulic, electric and manual! Among them, the manual one is the one with the greatest customer demand. Deploying LTE FDD and TDD networks in multiple frequency bands helps operators quickly balance network coverage and system capacity. For operators with more limited paired spectrum resources, TDD provides a better choice for deploying 4G. At present, the sea freight from Brazil to China is $18.620/ton LTE. At the same time, as long as the deployed frequency band is global or regional, TDD can also use general LTE network equipment and terminals

strategy can effectively prevent the spread of fire after an aircraft fire. Sue Rudd, director of analysis services at analytics service provider, added that the window of opportunity conducive to the global deployment of LTE TDD is opening. The globally unified 3GPP LTE standard provides key technical specifications and a good basis for commercial integration of the two systems, but the ecosystem of LTE TDD has not been able to match FDD well. This industry needs to pursue commercial products and solutions that support both TDD and FDD to achieve global economies of scale

in the duplex mode of 3GPP LTE, LTE TDD and FDD share the same network architecture and protocol stack, as well as the key technologies of the physical layer. This enables the two to achieve close and seamless integration and interworking, and enables operators who implement the integration of FDD and TDD technology to reduce operating costs, provide enhanced user experience, and ultimately enhance their market value

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