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Li Sixin calls: in recent days, in the pavilion on the South Bank of Jinshui River embankment in duling street, you can always see a homeless woman who looks very young. See if you can help her find a home through the evening news

Zhengzhou evening news ran Xiaoping he Taowen/figure

wandering girl rush: give me away

at noon yesterday, Zhengzhou evening news saw the girl in this pavilion

lying on the chair next to the goal court, she looks very young, in her twenties, with a beautiful face and a height of about 1.7 meters. The jacket is a cotton short sleeve, with English printed on the front and back; Wear a pair of jeans with holes in the knees, which is fashionable

if it weren't for her fluffy hair, dirty clothes and trousers, and the pungent smell on her body, it's difficult to compare her with a tramp girl

Hello! Do you need help? Come forward and ask

the tramp girl half opened her eyes and roared: go away, go away quickly, I don't want help, I have a headache, and I want to sleep here.

the tramp girl chattered for a while, and when she saw that she didn't mean to leave, she suddenly said: give me away

enthusiastic citizens bought her food and clothes.

seeing that it was time for lunch, they asked the tramp whether they could go to dinner together. She said: for the equipment manufacturers of recycled plastic granulator, 10 yuan is enough

is also proportional to the deformation of elasticity, and handed over the money. The tramp girl didn't see who gave it, so she took the money and stuffed it directly into her trouser pocket. Now that you have paid, you can go. The tramp girl suddenly said this sentence with her legs crossed

Gao Lei, a patrol member of duling street, and others said that the homeless woman has been in a strange temper these days. She also provided sporadic clues to her family, but she still couldn't find them after efforts

Gao Lei said that at noon on the 12th, an old man saw her pitifully and asked her to go to a restaurant for dinner. After entering the snack bar, the tramp girl was not polite. She asked for a bowl of wonton and two chicken legs and wolfed them open

in the process of helping, she also needs the patrol team to help buy McDonald's set meal, otherwise she won't talk to you

during the interview, the patrol team went to buy her a covered rice

Gao Lei said that seeing her wandering alone all day without changing her clothes, enthusiastic citizens have sent her clothes these days

the name she said can't be found in the provincial population information

ask the jaw patiently: round jaw φ 13- φ 26、 φ 26- φ 40; Flat jaw 0 (1) 5 asked, she reacted, her eyes shed tears, obviously touched her sad things

she said her name was Zhang Jia. She was born on April 30, 1983 in Jinshui District. She once took self-study courses in a famous university in Beijing. Because of a headache, she came to this end today. At this point, she is also used to such a wandering life

why not go home? It's not safe for you to sleep out. Remind her

she quickly replied that it was unsafe, but what could she do

just communicating like this, she suddenly became impatient and said nothing, just urging everyone to leave quickly

police officer Fu of the third public security Middle School of Jinshui Road police station helped to find Zhang Jia's information on Henan population information, but there was no result

Police officer Fu said that there were two possibilities: first, she didn't tell the truth and her real name was not Zhang Jia; Second, the existing system can only query the population information in our province. She may have moved to other places, so she can't find it

claimed to be called Ziyan, and the photos in the space looked like her

she also told her number and name

query, the basic information of this friend named Ziyan shows: name Ji yamingyi, female, 30 years old, birthday April 30, Taurus, hometown Zhengzhou, Henan, now lives in Chongwen, Beijing

the age, birthday and other information of Ziyan's basic data are consistent with that of wandering woman Zhang Jia

there is only one log in Ziyan space, which was written on October 22, 2010. The content is just one sentence family affair, don't be in my family zone (to the effect that there should be so many troubles in my family)

on April 3 last year, Ziyan's personal signature was changed to St. Andoni parish and moved to Chongwen

in addition, Ziyan also uploaded six photos on January 24 this year. According to the photos, this is a beautiful girl with fashionable clothes, slim figure and full of smiles. The cleaning of measuring instruments is a necessary work, and the shooting environment is mostly scenic spots and warm rooms, which is quite different from Zhang Jia

but by careful comparison, Zhang Jia and Ziyan are quite similar

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