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According to foreign media reports, using Gmail for daily management is not a simple thing for many of us. You have to manually add stars, classify, filter, and Google's less accurate "priority inbox" rating system, expansion, etc. However, after this toss, your inbox may still be in a mess. Recently, a startup company streak launched a quite good communication protocol, trying to help from the inside to avoid the instrument being under load for a long time. We sort the mailboxes

as a member of YC summer class last year, streak is trying to integrate customer relationship management functions into gmail. Nowadays, most users who track customers are using two independent systems, such as Gmail and salesforce, which is extremely inconvenient. These users either forward mail to another customer management system, or reply to users in the customer relationship system through email, which is extremely inconvenient for users

streak released a very simple Chrome extension for customer relationship management, which solves this problem well. Users only need to install this extension in the browser, and then they can create a series of Gmail process interfaces that allow users to manage related emails. Recently, there have also been e-mail extensions with similar functions, such as rap, which provides lightweight CRM function, and uses calcium stearate to cover the exterior lubrication portive, but Streak's process management is more in-depth

in addition to the inbox, streak also provides templates, including sales, employment, project flow, fund-raising, email support, and bug tracking. Aleem mawani (a former Google employee) and Omar Ismail, the co founders of the company, said that the company initially built streak just to meet the company's own sales needs, and later gradually realized that many users also had the same needs as in 2017. So we launched this kind of service, which is brave to go to the grass-roots level with difficult conditions, the first line of national construction, and the forefront of project research. The market response seems to be very good. Since the company launched the service in January, the weekly growth rate of users has been 18%

in the test of streak "template", it allows users to add email to different projects. What is really valuable to all kinds of users is that they can selectively share these different grouped projects. For example, users can share their own content with all techcrunch accounts, or they can select only some techcrunch users to share some specific content. Streak has not changed the way of communication. It is still based on e-mail, but it simplifies the management function of users' discussion on the most important work

the next step of the company is to enter the mobile terminal, compatible with more browser functions, and release Gmail API, so that other companies can customize Gmail functions

the key question is whether streak can compete with salesforce, the leader in the customer relationship management market. Aleem mawani is very confident about this, "every enterprise has the possibility to serve the world's top 500, and small and medium-sized enterprises also have the willingness to integrate customer relationship management tools and e-mail. This is not just a superficial change, but a re transformation of the inbox."

streak's challenge today is to find a balance between customer relationship management software and Google's existing Gmail capabilities. Tencent Technology

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