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"Straw papermaking" energy conservation and environmental protection

the traditional paper industry consumes a lot of wood. What new technology can change this situation? Recently, it was learned from the paper industry Salon of the papermaking society of the Municipal Association for science and technology that straw pulp papermaking can replace wood pulp papermaking. The raw material of the former is straw when the pendulum stops swinging, which belongs to rural residue resources. Experts said that the pollution-free and clean pulping technology in the field of straw pulp and paper making has made a breakthrough recently, which means that straw pulp and paper making is expected to accelerate the promotion, so that the paper industry will become more energy-saving and environmental protection in the next few years

it is reported that compared with the scarcity of raw materials for wood pulp, papermaking straw pulp has a continuous and unique supply of raw materials in China. China produces a large number of straw every year, including rice, wheat straw, cotton straw, corn straw and other rural surplus resources. The annual output of these discarded crop straws is about 730 million tons, of which about 450 million tons can be collected in the 1930s. If we make full use of these grass resources and turn waste into treasure, we can effectively solve the problem of insufficient supply of papermaking raw materials in China. However, the biggest bottleneck in the development of straw papermaking in the past is the relatively large pollution, which makes it unable to replace the traditional wood pulp papermaking on a large scale

Experts from the papermaking society of the Municipal Association for science and technology told that domestic straw pulp and paper enterprises have developed a new pollution-free and clean pulping technology, which can prevent the production of pollutants from the source, avoid the largest pollution source silicon, and greatly reduce the degree of environmental pollution. Zhang chengshao of Tai'an Jinshan environmental protection technology said that if half of the 450 million tons of straw produced in China each year is utilized through the new pollution-free pulp technology, 200 million tons of high-quality paper straw pulp can be produced, thereby producing 200 million tons of paper. This output can be exchanged for 300 million tons of oil on the international market

experts at the meeting believed that with the promotion of new pollution-free and clean pulping technology, straw pulp will be an important raw material supplement and active on the pulping stage of the paper industry. Experts also pointed out that the utilization rate and recovery rate of waste paper in China are relatively low, and there is a large gap compared with Germany, Japan and South Korea. Therefore, while achieving technological breakthroughs, we should also vigorously promote the recycling and utilization of waste paper, and further improve the green index of China's paper industry

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