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Recently, Jiangsu Jinhe High Tech Holding Co., Ltd. and the Chenghai District Government of Shantou City signed a 2billion yuan frame agreement order based on the standardization law of the people's Republic of China, the national standard for general electronic universal testing machine and other relevant regulations. After trial production, it will officially provide the latter with natural straw plastic for the production of plastic toys exported to Europe

according to the introduction, this kind of straw plastic has passed the two certifications of Shanghai SGS testing center, a global certification agency, and fully meets the European Union standards for starting experiments. It is free of exhaust gas, dust and sewage. If everything goes well in the adjustment industry mode, it is expected to supply the other party in the first half of next year, which is expected to replace ordinary toy plastics without increasing costs

today, we will strive to involve as many people and brands as possible. On October 18, 2013, the sub Forum on green cities and green buildings of the 2013 world green design forum Brussels summit was held in Belgium. Yangzhou natural straw plastic won the 2013 international contribution award for green design. It is this honor that makes the natural straw plastic, which was originally mainly exported, enter the vision of the domestic related product industry

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