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Street lights can alarm, seats can charge. "Black technology" in Liangshuihe park is on

citizens are experiencing solar seats to charge

smart streetlights

recently, many citizens who came to Yizhuang Liangshuihe park for leisure found that the "temperament" of this riverside park has been greatly improved: not only the flower beds and revetments have been repaired, exquisite flowers and plants have been planted, footpaths and bicycle lanes have been paved, but also many "black technologies" have been used - seats can be charged, connected with Bluetooth, and can become speakers; Street lights can call for help and alarm with one key; Garbage cans can open and close automatically and compress garbage

the person in charge of the park construction party told that the completed phase I landscape improvement and reconstruction project integrates the concept of science and technology and environmental protection, and the application of science and technology and environmental protection accounted for about 20% of the total investment. Next year, the second phase of the park's landscape improvement and reconstruction project will be launched, and more intelligent and environmental friendly "black technology pre-treatment plays a decisive role in the impact of electroplating quality" will be applied to facilitate the life and leisure of nearby residents

seats can charge

recently came to Liangshuihe park near Yixing West Road, and many nearby residents are relaxing. A rest seat beside the bicycle lane attracted people's attention. The seat surface was a large solar panel, and there was a USB charging port under the armrest. "It can charge, wireless and wired. I often use it, which is very convenient." Mr. Liu, a citizen, said as he put his own near the solar panel and automatically started charging. He turned on Bluetooth, and the seat began to play the music in it. "I'm tired of walking. I'll have a rest here. It's really good to recharge the battery and listen to the music!"

park staff told that the park currently has a total of 25 smart seats installed. The solar photovoltaic panel and battery carried by the smart seat ensure the power demand of the seat itself, and realize USB charging, wireless charging and Bluetooth speaker functions at the same time

it is learned that the park facilities use solar energy almost to the extreme. For example, a total of 545 solar LED street lights are installed on both sides of the cycling track and fitness trail, of which 120 are smart light poles with emergency call devices. In case of emergencies, you can press the call button. The three post stations provide consulting, daily management, emergency assistance and other services, and the electricity also comes from the solar panels on the roof

the park green space turns into a "sponge"

in addition to the efficient use of solar energy, it is found that the design of the park also embodies the concept of environmental protection everywhere. At the entrance, I saw a group of garbage cans, the top of which was also equipped with solar panels. As soon as your hand is close to the garbage chute, the door can be opened and closed automatically. The instructions of the garbage can show that it can automatically compress the garbage volume when the garbage is full

according to the park staff, a large number of recycled building materials have been paved in the park, and a 25000 square meter ribbon rainwater garden with accurate friction measurement has been built, and two 24000 square meters of ecological grass ditches have been used as linear rainwater collection and infiltration areas. In combination with multiple rainwater collection and infiltration areas in the park and 15000 square meters of artificial wetlands, the park green space has been built into a "sponge" for rainwater collection. In the rainwater collection and infiltration area, they plant different water and humidity tolerant plants according to the depth of water level, and use plant roots to purify and utilize the water quality

in addition, the park has also built an "insect cabin" with wood, bricks and other materials, which reduces the number of aphids by "treating insects with insects" to ensure the healthy growth of flowers and plants. The "owners" of the cabin include ladybugs, sandflies, bees, aphid flies and so on

24-hour security monitoring

in the monitoring center of the park, staff also showed a "black technology" equipment - fire monitoring camera. The staff said that the camera used the principle of thermal imaging to monitor the distribution of heat energy, visible light and ignition points in forest areas. Because "infrared thermal imaging" is not affected by changes in the lighting environment and obstructions, it can effectively penetrate the atmosphere, clouds and other environments and capture clear images, so it can truly achieve 24-hour safety monitoring

Wei Jianhuan, director of the Infrastructure Office of Yizhuang Development Zone, the park's builder, told that the phase I landscape improvement project of Liangshuihe Park starts from the Fifth Ring Road in the north and ends at Rongchang West Street Bridge in the south, with a total length of about 5.1 kilometers. The progressiveness and performance characteristics of the well cover pressure fatigue testing machine, with a total greening area of 113 hectares and a greening rate of more than 90%. In order to promote the travel concept of "low-carbon, green and sustainable development", the park has built a 10.5-kilometer-long riding greenway. The design of rainwater gardens, ecological grass ditches, shallow streams and other elements in the park will connect the idea of building a sponge city. 6. The stop button can only be effective when the lifting frame rises. Intelligent and environmentally friendly facilities are also applied to all corners of the park

Wei Jianhuan told that the second phase of the landscape improvement project of Liangshuihe park will start next year, with a total length of 22 kilometers. The second phase project will follow the design concept of the first phase Park and further optimize the specific design, such as adjusting the types of greening seedlings and putting more environmental protection and smart facilities

source of this article: Beijing Evening News: Yang Lihe_ bj31

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