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New scenery is added to the streets of Guangzhou! Charging, WiFi and 5g signals are all available

original title: add new scenery to the streets of Guangzhou! Charging, WiFi and 5g signals are all available

can't you find a charging pile for dayangxun electric vehicle charging? In the future, just look for smart street lights! Recently, the first batch of smart street lamps in Guangzhou have been put into use on Tianhe south 2nd Road, which can charge cars, push one button for help, connect WiFi, and transmit 5g signals... Integrating video surveillance, signal base stations, road signs, charging piles, etc. into a street lamp pole to help build a smart city

it has many functions and can be recharged 80% in half an hour.

recently, a number of new street lights on Guangzhou Tianhe South Second Road slowly lit up, which not only provided lighting for nearby neighborhoods, but also laid a foundation for Guangzhou to promote the construction of 5g network pilot cities and smart cities. This batch of street lamps is the first batch of pilot smart street lamps in Guangzhou

it was seen at the scene that the original video monitoring, base stations, road signs and other elements of Tianhe south 2nd road were integrated on the street lamp pole with simple appearance. Citizens can also check the road conditions on the street lamp base. Therefore, the standards of various automobile enterprises are to check the road conditions, connect WiFi, search city information on the touch screen of the joint venture standard system. Some street lamp poles also have functions such as car charging, charging, one click Help and so on, which is very convenient. The relevant person in charge of Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau told that after the integration, the road poles of Tianhe South Second Road were reduced from the original 52 poles to 35 poles, beautifying the appearance of the city

there are two lamp poles equipped with electric vehicle DC charging piles. "This is the first case in China." The person in charge said. As the first batch of pilot projects, Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau has used independent innovative technology to integrate high-power DC charging piles with street lamp poles. The DC charging piles integrated with smart street lamps have a charging power of 60 kW, which is far higher than the power level of 7KW AC charging piles commonly used in domestic smart Street lamps. The 0.5-hour charging capacity is 80%. The charging is fast and practical, effectively solving the pain point of charging new energy vehicles. Smart streetlights are also equipped with secondary leakage protection devices independently developed by Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau to comprehensively ensure the safe and reliable power supply of streetlight pole facilities

"in the future, special charging parking spaces will be designated to charge for free during the charging period, which will greatly alleviate the charging problem." According to reports, the Chinese plastic extruder industry is moving towards a healthy and sustainable development. The tram is only for rechargeable vehicles. After charging, the system will automatically send a reminder message to the owner's number to remind the owner to drive away within a limited time after charging, so as not to occupy the parking space. If you don't drive away within the limited time, the owner may receive the punishment of disorderly parking

in the future, it will become a 5g micro base station

turn on WiFi, and you can choose "Tianhe South Second Road smart street lamp" for free. In the future, smart street lamps will also be able to transmit 5g signals

the head of the planning and Development Department of Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau said, "as a high-quality carrier of micro base stations, smart road light poles will provide the best way for the future 5g network layout and will become 5g micro base stations in the future." 5g is our national development strategy. As a pilot city of 5g network, Guangzhou will have a huge demand for 5g micro base stations in the future, which is much higher than the traditional 4G network. Smart light poles can provide basic support such as carrier, power supply and communication, and will be transformed into 5g micro base stations in the future. At present, Tianhe south 2nd Road street light poles are integrated with 4 existing base stations, and will be integrated into 20 in the future

smart streetlights will also be built in Guangzhou tower, Huacheng square and other places

"smart streetlights will also be built in Guangzhou tower, Huacheng square, Guanggang new city, Linjiang Avenue, NANDA trunk line and other places in the future." It is revealed that at present, Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau is responsible for the operation and maintenance of nearly 190000 street lamps and 70000 street lamp poles in the central area 6, with mature technology. Moreover, its power distribution facilities and pipe gallery resources cover the whole city, and optical fiber covers the main roads of the whole city; Suinengtong company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau, has a complete system in the operation of optical fiber network and the industrial chain of electric vehicle charging piles, and has accumulated sufficient experience and technical reserves in the promotion of smart street lamps, which has a significant impact on the mechanical properties of metal materials due to the change of loading rate. The 97 version has been comprehensively revised and constructed, and will be committed to the investment, construction and operation of smart street lamps in the future, Help Guangzhou build a smart city

text/image: gengxujing, correspondent of Guangbao all media, he Jingzhi, cenhaifeng

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